Net Neutrality = Government Censorship


February 19, 2015 by JImbo

Glenn Beck Breaks Down Net Neutrality

I don’t care what you think of Glenn Beck. I just needed a link to a petition to fight Net Neutrality. You can take his argument or not. The fact remains that “Net Neturality” is government regulation of the Internet.

They will call it “fairness” or “decency” or “public standards.” They never do call these things “censorship” or “oppression.” Why would they be honest about it?

There are a lot of corporations and government bureaucrats who REALLY don’t like you having the freedom to do basically ANYTHING YOU WANT on the Internet. They HATE it.

Every reason given for “regulating” it is bunk. For 25 years the Internet has had no regulation and has been a BOOMING creative machine. Think of all that you can do now that couldn’t before. Streaming high-def movies to your phone? Talking to your kids from the other side of the planet?

No, the private sector developed the technology and the government held it back for years and years and years.

What “innovation” was made between 1934 when the Telecommunications Act was passed and the 1980s? Very little. The technology was there, but the government was in the way of innovation. (First cell phone call was made in 1946)

After all “if it ain’t broke…”

Well it sure as hell ain’t broke now. The Internet is one of the biggest ways to communicate globally. That makes it powerful. And dangerous.

Freedom is dangerous. Yes, people make bad choice. They also make good choice.

Shouldn’t it be YOUR choice and not the governments?

The first thing ISIS did in Libya was take over a TV station and cut phone lines, trying to take out mobile communications they couldn’t control. Same thing in Venezuela and Hong Kong. Too much freedom is dangerous to regimes eager to hold power.

You can go directly to the petition to the FCC here.

It takes literally 15 seconds to fill out.

I know many of you have no faith in government as it is, but at least PRETEND to do something to fix it.



One thought on “Net Neutrality = Government Censorship

  1. Pat Russell says:

    This is very bad news for everyone if the govt. controls the internet.


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