Taking Dictation

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August 13, 2018 by JImbo

The term ‘dictator” comes from the use of “dictates” (official proclamations) to put out the correct message to the people. The sycophant State Media would simply pass out the prepared message without comment. However, we’re supposed to have a vibrant, critical press in this country. Why would they willingly accept the words of dictators in Turkey or China as truth without doing any research?

I’ve noticed how many news sources have decided to focus almost exclusively on what OTHER countries say about economic situations involving the United States. It’s odd. Imagine if during World War 2 our major newspapers had exclusively reported news from the German perspective.

I’ll show you a couple recent examples:

Erdogan says Alliance with US is at risk due to trade war

If you believe this article, it makes it SEEM like this situation is new and the result of US tariffs (which haven’t even happened yet.)

However, if you look at more objective source the bigger picture isn’t quite so.

Lira Crashes as Erdogan Threatens “Plan B”

Check out this timeline.

Where on this timeline did Donald Trump come in?

Spring 2017.

The tariffs were this week.

So…. everything BEFORE that is internal conditions in Turkey, including conditions Erdogan created so BAD that the military tried (twice) to stage a coup to restore order and democracy in the country!

To Erdogan it makes sense to blame Trump for the unrest in his country dating back to at least 2014.

To the media it makes sense to blame Trump as that’s the narrative they want anyway.

However, the facts just don’t support either assumption as convenience as they might be. Call it the “inconvenient truth.”

Take China for example as well.

China Says US Farmers May Never Get Back Soybean Market Share

Oh no! Another terrible the trade warthing because of Trump!

The Chinese are winning!

But wait…

Social Unrest Breaks Out in China

The article is about banks/lenders but the reason they are in trouble is the collapse of the Chinese financial market. Their response to US competition has been to keep devaluing their money. They depended on growth to offset that.

However, they can’t keep it up forever. Their middle class is weak because of the loss of spending power so they NEED export markets to sell their products. They need to import to us MORE than we need their products.

Their economy has been slowing down for 10 years now. It’s from over 10% down to 6.7% (official figures) and about 5% or so (economists using more realistic data and not government figures)

Meanwhile, the US has gone from a long term 1.6% average in the same period to about a 3% GDP growth in the past couple years. That scares the hell out of China.

They are doing EVERYTHING they can to spur more speed and growth. On the other hand, the Federal Reserve is trying to SLOW DOWN US growth because they fear we are “growing too fast.”

So why is most of the media simply taking the line of foreign leaders without real critical analysis? Well, for starters it’s easy. They don’t have to do much work.

Second, they want to believe it. They aren’t fans of America to begin with and they really dislike Trump. Anything that make him look good they despise.







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