Shit Just Got Serious

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August 4, 2018 by JImbo

Can someone explain this?

Wayne County Woman Arrested for Stealing Toilet

I don’t get why anyone would do that.

(I do like how they don’t give a name or picture….as if stealing a commode is much worse than murder or rape. Gotta protect her prestigious reputation after all!)

There’s perfectly good toilets just sittin’ on the side of the road all over.

Just go grab one of those for nothing.

I figure they MUST be good otherwise… why would anyone take them?

A junk car can be scrapped.

An old stove can be scrapped.

What the hell do you do with a toilet that doesn’t work?

You can’t scrap a bad crapper.

It’s not really good for anything.

Or is there just a HUGE field known as the “Shitter Graveyard” where they all go to die?

Maybe there is a mad scientist who is gonna use them for world domination?





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