SONY Hacking Attack a Public Rorschach Test


December 18, 2014 by JImbo

So you’ve heard about the “huge cyber attack” on SONY film studios….supposedly to punish SONY for making an anti-North Korea film.

What to make of it?

Well, first do folks think it really is North Korea?

Apparently so.

Why Do Analysts Think North Korea is Behind the SONY Studios Cyber Attack?

People have asked “Why didn’t they do it when “Team America” came out and did the same thing?”

Well, Kim Jong Un wasn’t in power then. His father was. Not to say his father had a much better sense of humor, but he was more secure in his power base. The son’s base is shaky to say the least.

Not to mention being a third-generation maniacal dictator with total control over a subservient population has shaped his psyche into something we would tend to scientifically call “Bat-shit crazy.”

This whole thing has blown up into a huge ink-blot test. Since the North Koreans leaked all those emails and personal information there’s a lot to process. Everyone sees what they want to see pretty much.

When a SONY executive commented on how President Obama likes “Black movies”, the Reverend Al Sharpton leaped on how racist Hollywood is.

When stars’ salaries were leaked out, there were cries of sexism and ageism as some stars were made they didn’t make as much as co-stars.

There were cries of the “Evils of Capitalism” comparing the movie industry to the cigarette industry because executives talked about marketing “knowingly bad movies” to children. Sure, it’s a stretch comparing a bad movie with lung cancer but you get the idea.

Everyone greedily leapt on the exposed private information like ravenous wolves. Of course, few really cared so much where it came from… or that it was other peoples’ private information. Imagine how they would feel if it were THEIR credit card info or social security numbers.

Wouldn’t be quite so funny then now would it?

As for me, I say screw Hollywood.

But privacy should be protected.

Even total jerks like most celebrities tend to become.

They’re people too.

And what’s REALLY important about this all?

The fact that our electrical grid is even LESS protected than SONY was.

But why worry about that?

It’s not like we depend on electricity or anything.



2 thoughts on “SONY Hacking Attack a Public Rorschach Test

  1. Pat Russell says:

    We love gun toting, Bible quoting, Texas!


  2. Jarred says:

    bookmarked!!, I like your website!


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