Nation Heaves a Sigh Of Relief It Doesn’t Have A Choice in 2016


December 18, 2014 by JImbo

Nation of Three Hundred Million Understands President Can Only Come From Two Families

(by Andy Horowitz of New Yorker Magazine)

Good read. Yes, it’s very tongue in cheek humor but the point still comes across pretty well. Why ARE we so obsessed with these two political dynasties?

Is it because there aren’t really any interesting Kennedys left?

Did the Rockefellers get too inbred to run anyone this time around?

Andy hasn’t done that much good for the Cuomo name in New York so that’s a non-starter.

I get the whole cult of celebrity. Heck, I’m surprised it’s not Hiltons vs Kardashians on the ballot already. However, isn’t there anything more to it?

Is it REALLY as simple as “The rich elites elect other rich elites”?

To be honest the Bushes and Clintons are REALLY close in just about every way you can imagine. They live together. They play together. They are very socially interconnected.

They even VOTE together quite a bit. Their political views on the majority of topics are essentially the same. There really isn’t much difference between the two.

The “Hard Right” says the Bushes are too far Left. The “Hard Left” says the Clintons are too far Right.

Truth be told they’re both for big government and political corruption. The details hardly matter. If it bloats government and makes rich donors even richer they’re both for it.

I know it’ll probably be “Bush vs Clinton” but why not just shake it up a bit?

Republicans, instead of a wimpy wanna-be Democrat why not run an ACTUAL Conservative for a change? Someone for the Constitution and Personal Freedom?

And Democrats, why not just vote for the ultra-liberal radical you REALLY want? Vote for Elizabeth Warren or Michelle Obama. Or heck, go right to the source and vote Bill Ayers.

Sure Saul Alinsky is long dead but Ayers is pretty close. He “blew up a bunch of pigs” in a police station and helped kill and main a bunch of folks in 60s.

No wishy washy Obama/Clinton stuff there!

This just may be the election that we see a third party… and a fourth party. Maybe it’s about time the Liberty movement discards the useless shell of the Republican party and goes directly to the voters.

It may be time for the Greens and Occupy folks to take to the streets and test their chops at the ballot box. There is a LOT of money unused out there. LOTS of voters have been staying home the past few elections.

People want something to believe in, not just a familiar name.

At least I hope so.

Otherwise we get President Camacho

and four more years of his crack economics and science team:


And just for Rob, the original Brawndo commercial:


One thought on “Nation Heaves a Sigh Of Relief It Doesn’t Have A Choice in 2016

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Makes one wonder what the heck happened? How did it come to this??


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