Reverend Jackson Has Sights Set on the Benjamins in Dallas

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October 9, 2014 by JImbo

Jesse Jackson Meets with Family of Dead Ebola Patient

Talk about ignorant! Is he that hard up for press coverage that he’s willing to lie and make stuff up? Or is he just that ignorant?

The good ol’ Reverend Jackson keeps harping on the false assumption that Mr. Duncan was treated differently or denied treatment for Ebola because he was black.

For one, he’s wrong. Ebola is deadly HALF the time. The man only had a 50/50 shot when he checked into the hospital.

The hospital tried to treat him but didn’t have the new medicine on hand. Why? Because it’s EXPERIMENTAL! It’s not in mass production! And thanks to President Obama, our stock we had was sent to Africa already.

(Wow… that racist President Obama just sending our vaccine to help those Africans!)

Besides, the bigger picture is being missed entirely here.

We could have had a produced vaccine quicker except the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) insists on EXTENSIVE drug trials before you can produce the stuff. Not only that, but there’s a battery of trials that need to be done. Blind studies, human studies, animal studies, theoretical studies, etc.

It takes YEARS to get through this bureaucratic paperwork! And dying patients can’t hurry things up. That’s forbidden. By law.

You can’t just say “I’m dying anyway, give it to me!” That won’t fly. “Too dangerous” they say. “You could have side effects.”

Really? Side effects worse than DEATH? But the government knows better than you what’s good for you. Remember?

That’s why the doctors were treated in Africa FIRST and then sent back the United States afterwards. The drug was illegal to use in the United States because of the FDA. So, they get cured in Liberia and then shipped home to recover.

If you want to know what killed Mr. Duncan, it’s government regulation. Just like it kills thousands of cancer patients every year. That’s not racist, that’s just WRONG.

Speaking of wrong… if you care so much about the Africans and racism Reverend… why aren’t you over there helping out? You have lots of money, volunteers, resources and a pretty free social calendar as of late. I’m sure they’d LOVE to have you go over and tour a few Ebola clinics. Keep the spirits up. You know the drill.

Or maybe put together a relief telethon or a concert. A big “PRAY-IN” maybe. Make a real difference and help people.

Rather than try to get a poor grieving family to sue a doctor for doing his job… hoping you’ll get a slice of the payday pie.


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