The Kobani Code


October 9, 2014 by JImbo

Okay, for all of those who keep asking me about what is going on…. it’s really simple if you know the code.

No, not the KONAMI code. We’re not trying to get 99 free lives on CONTRA.

What I’m talking about is KOBANI, a Kurdish town/city/whatever on the border with Turkey.

In fact, while it’s in Syria it’s so close to Turkey that there are Turkish troops looking OVER the border and watching the Kurds get pounded by ISIS terrorists.

There’s nowhere for fleeing civilians to go either. The Turks stopped taking more refugees, leaving the rest for ISIS to “play with.”

While ISIS advances.

ISIS forces on their way to assault Kobani again.


Turkish tanks across the border with no intention of helping.


ISIS Closes in on the Kurdish Town of Kobani



Things don’t look so good for the Kurds. They’re outnumbered, outgunned, and outmaneuvered. While the US is providing a couple air strikes a day (yeah… a couple…sometimes)  the Turks aren’t doing a damn thing except watching.

People keep asking why the Turks aren’t helping. I tell them it’s all about knowing the code. The Turks aren’t helping because they’re sending a message through inaction.

You have to know the background.

What signals is President Erdogan sending?

First, to begin with he knows Turkey is a member of NATO. As such, all the other NATO countries are pledged to support him if his country is attacked by ISIS. So, he’s not going to attack first. That would invalidate that part of the treaty about “defensive support.”

He also knows that he’s not bound to help US because WE attacked ISIS. We’re not “defensive” so he can sit back and do nothing (like he is.)

Second, he loves when ISIS and the Kurds fight. They are both his enemies, so watching them fight is something he’s going to get popcorn for and watch eagerly. He’d be only too happy for them to kill each other off and save him the trouble!

Third, the killing of Syrian Kurds sends the message to Kurds in his own country to stop fighting for independence. In essence by not acting he’s showing them “That would be you if you weren’t here safe in Turkey with us to protect you, you ungrateful slobs!”

That and he thinks it shows the Kurds that the world really isn’t going to do much to help them. Just look at our “Massive Air Campaign.” It amounts to about two strikes a day around Kobani. Big whoop.

And finally, Erdogan won’t use his military because he’s SCARED OF THEM!

As far back as the 1990s, the Islamist (Islamic Radicals) have been trying to purge all the Secularists and Nationalists out of the military. They haven’t been entirely successful.

Traditionally, the military has been the conservative “check” on the Islamist radicals in the country, pledged to uphold the Constitution and Laws, NOT Sharia Law. Erdogan isn’t sure who he can trust in the military.

There are even rumors that there have been repeated coup attempts by generals in key positions to try to restore the Secularists to power. I don’t think Erdogan feels safe giving them any more power than they already have by starting a war.

Besides, ISIS won’t attack Turkey. Why should they? They are bullies looking for a weak pushover to pick on. Plenty better pickings than that!

Iraq is in a shambles. The Kurds are isolated. Jordan has very little military. Plenty of Syria open for taking. Even Lebanon is ripe for the picking. Lots more resources, people and land to grab first.

Why attack Turkey, a Western power with lots of guns and a professional (large) military? That’s the one place that would actually STOP them… fast and hard. I daresay better than WE would since the Turks have no qualms about being “rough” with them. In the “take no prisoners you don’t mean to torture the hell out of until they spill their guts” sorta way.

It all makes sense if you realize that ISIS is the least of Erdogan’s problems. He’s far more concerned about suppressing the Kurds and keeping Syria and Iraq beaten down and split. When they are fractured, it makes Turkey stronger by comparison.

I’m sure the Kurds would still love to have “unlimited lives” in their deadly game with ISIS about now though.


One thought on “The Kobani Code

  1. Pat Russell says:

    You have totally hit the nail on the head. It is all political always.


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