Texas Version of “Safe Act” Upheld

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October 10, 2014 by JImbo

Texas Abortion Clinic Safety Law Upheld

I know not all of my followers are on either side of the abortion issue. It’s pretty touchy. This isn’t even about abortion per se. It’s about how politicians approach issues to get what they want.

I gotta give the Conservatives credit on this one. They’ve used the Progressives’ own tactic against them. Every time there is a gun control law, the “Left” calls it a “Public Safety Issue” and says “See, we’re not BANNING guns… just limiting access…. for public safety!”

So now, the new law in Texas doesn’t ban abortions. It simply mandates that any clinic performing abortions has to be within 30 miles of a hospital that the doctor has admitting privileges to.

Seems pretty fair to me. Other clinics such as plastic surgery doctors have to be near a hospital in case anything goes wrong. Why not abortion clinics? They ARE doing a surgical procedure and women HAVE died from botched abortions.

Here in New York the gun control measure is called the “Safe Act.” It’s supposed to make us all safer by limiting our access to some rifles and preventing us from putting 7 rounds into a pistol instead of 6. Because… that 7th one… that’s the killer right there!

This is the same thing really. There’s only one difference. Experience proves that being near a hospital DOES tend to save lives. There’s no evidence that criminals are going to count the bullets in their illegal handgun before illegally shooting someone.

So remind me…how is saving womens’ lives somehow “Anti-Woman” again?



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