Four Reasons Rand Paul Dropping Out Is A Good Thing


February 3, 2016 by JImbo

Rand Paul Drops Out of Presidential Race

Well, it’s official. Rand Paul is now out of the 2016 Presidential race. He polled below his father’s past record. Even his supporters…while angry… aren’t entirely surprised.

Several other candidates dropped out after Monday night’s results in Iowa. Mike Huckabee, Martin Omalley, and now Rick Santorum. That’s what generally happens after Iowa.

Rand however is different. Those guys have nowhere else to be. They have past offices on their resumes, but are now basically now get their money from speeches, talk radio and TV appearances.

Senator Rand Paul however, had a choice. He HAS somewhere else to be. He has been shuttling back and forth between the campaign trail and the US Senate.

That is his job.

He is in danger of losing his job.

He had a simple choice. Keep going for President at the back of the pack… or run for Senate again.

it’s really a no-brainer. I applaud Senator Paul for his wise decision. We NEED someone who supports liberty and freedom in the US Senate, now more than ever. He had basically no shot at winning the Presidency, but he has a near lock on his Senate seat.

THAT is where he’s needed now.

In fact, for those of you Libertarians out there weeping and gnashing your teeth, have hope. This is a GOOD thing!

I’ll give you four reasons why.

  • Senator Paul keeps his senate seat. This is key. If either Cruz or Rubio become President, there will already be one less “Tea Party’ Senator. That makes every vote in the Senate for liberty all the more important. Plus, Rand keeps his platform there to keep exposing fraud, corruption, and abuse in the system.
  • Senator Paul is on the short list for future appointments. I’ve heard VP, Surgeon General, Treasury Secretary, and others. He’d be a whiz at the Congressional Budget Office. If you want a guy to trust balancing the budget, THIS would be your guy.
  • Senator Cruz is still in the race. Love him or hate him, if you love Rand then you should at least be able to tolerate him as he votes 95% of the time with Senator Paul. The two together make a great team. Besides, if you can’t get a Libertarian candidate in there directly, a “mostly” Libertarian one is the next best thing. The choices only get worse from Cruz… Trump? Bush? Clinton? Sanders?
  • Speaking of the Libertarian Party, if you can’t support Cruz then there’s always Gary Johnson in the Libertarian Party. He’s your Libertarian guy. There is a SECOND goal in the election besides just the presidency. If the Libertarian Party can win 5% of the vote, they become an “official” party like the Republicans and Democrats along with all the benefits. No longer will it be “join one side or the other.” There will be a THIRD OPTION…a VALID one! Competition is a good thing! Paul is polling right around that level so even if you can’t pull the lever for a Republican or Democrat… your vote can still accomplish something!

This is really a win-win-win-win scenario.

You just have to look at it in the larger context.

The only way it FAILS to be a good thing is if you cry foul and run home, refusing to vote. Then you get NO benefit and yet another round of someone else’s choices are shoved down your throat.

Don’t be like Trump and Carson.

Don’t be a whiner.

Make a difference.





One thought on “Four Reasons Rand Paul Dropping Out Is A Good Thing

  1. Anonymous says:

    Change your story for each state, promise the moon & get elected.


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