New Obama Methane Cap Envisioned to Cut US Oil and Gas Production


January 19, 2015 by JImbo


White House Unveils Plan to Cut Methane Emissions by 40-45%

Oh well nothing can go wrong with THIS plan.

I hope they DO realize that our natural gas wells are twice as clean as the next nearest source of energy… the same “Dirty Canadian Tar Sands” that was excoriated in the whole Keystone XL Pipeline debate.

No, don’t expect natural gas to be replaced by expensive solar and wind power anytime soon. In the next decade you’re gonna get whatever is cheap and available to replace it.

That means “dirty” Canadian oil. I’m not going into the whole Keystone debate again. Suffice it to say the arguments on both sides are the same. The environmentalists see “regulation” and think “cutting energy use.”

Practical folks who live in the real world will realize that we ALREADY import thousands of train cars of the Canadian crude. In railroad tanker cars.

The Keystone pipeline debate was never truly about stopping that imported fuel. It was simply about HOW we import it (rail car through populated areas or pipeline through more isolated rural areas.) That’s all. The rest is smoke and mirrors.

Now, this “methane cap” is based on even WORSE logic. Not only is it a false argument that somehow this will “reduce greenhouse emissions.” It will make things WORSE by replacing it with even dirtier crude oil.

Wow, environmentalists. Way to go helping pollute the environment. Talk about dumb…

Meanwhile there is really NO scientific evidence behind the “Methane is 25 times as bad for greenhouse gases as carbon dioxide” claim. I’m gonna guess it’s simply made up by the people who rant about “chem trails” in the skies and how “fake” 9-11 and the moon landings were. Then some politicians saw it in a blog or on youtube and claimed it as a “fact.”

If you want “facts” then how about the “fact” that cows produce as much methane a day as a car on average.

They in fact produce lots of “greenhouse gases” like CO2.

(picture from Desert Peace blog

Guess what?


“Soylent Pollution is PEOPLE!”

Believe if you want that methane or CO2 or any other gas is a threat to the environment. I personally think pollution on the local scale is proven. On the global scale it is not given historical weather/climate cycles and changes in temperature measurement sensor placement.

To put it bluntly, the Ice Age was freezing and the Age of Dinosaurs was blazing hot…neither of which with us around polluting. In addition, if you move a temperature sensor from a farmers field to on top of a building in the city, the temperature is gonna rise simply because cities full of asphalt and concrete heat up more. There are more to it, but that’s in a nutshell why I take all the latest “evidence” with a grain of salt. There’s much more correlation between the amount of asphalt and concrete in the world and urban areas than there is no pollution levels.

Anyway, as I said… believe what you want. The point of THIS post is that a methane cap is NOT the way to do it. You are only going to replace “clean” natural gas with “dirty” Canadian crude. You will produce MORE pollution and enrich Canadian oil companies while putting our own businesses (and workers) in Natural Gas out of work.

How is that GOOD for our country or our environment?


One thought on “New Obama Methane Cap Envisioned to Cut US Oil and Gas Production

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Vegetarians must be behind this?


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