Saudis Building Border Fence to Keep Out ISIS


January 19, 2015 by JImbo

Saudis Building Massive Wall Along Border

Huh… well it seems a border fence can keep out ISIS terrorists.Yes, we know it works because Israel did the same thing and their terrorist bombings have dropped to virtually zero since it went up.

Yet, somehow building a similar wall on the US border is “impractical and won’t keep illegals out.” How is that possible? Are they somehow more resourceful than armed terrorists?

I’ve mentioned repeatedly we could do it for $3 billion in 3 years, then $1 billion a year staffed by National Guard or existing Border Control officers. Imagine that the National Guard used to… Guard the Nation.

What a concept!



One thought on “Saudis Building Border Fence to Keep Out ISIS

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Why can’t we do this on the southern border?


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