Austin Shooter’s Background Short on Details, Long on Speculation


November 29, 2014 by JImbo

Suspect in Austin Shooting Identified as Larry McQuilliam

Hmmmm…. I’m not getting it.

The media is grasping for straws based on his Facebook page here.

I don’t see any obvious connection there.

No threats, no recent conversions, no unusual affiliations…

The “oddest” thing seems to be he was friends with lots of amateur belly dancers.

People are making a lot of the Dalai Lama quote… but the Dalai Lama as a source of violence?


The Audioslave song “Set if Off”… perhaps. Although I have yet to find any references even in the radical Left/Right fringes of any “Order 1616.” Executive Order 1616 was a routine administrative note back in 1912 by President Taft saying:

“Authorizing Promotion of George E. Long to Clerk in Bureau of Insular Affairs Without Examination

There’s no reference to any immigration executive order either. I’m sure they WANT it to be “some angry racist white guy.” In fact, numerous websites have already led with headlines like that. However, there’s just no evidence of motivation either way.

Despite the premature media claims (wishes?) I don’t see any evidence of any
“Tea Party” or “Militia” ties. In fact, no evidence the guy was of any political persuasion.

The song itself references the Seattle Protests against the World Trade Organization in 1999 and the band is distinctly anti-George Bush. Not very “Conservative” either. There’s just not enough evidence to say much of anything.

There is an odd lack of Facebook posts between 2011 and 2014. *shrugs* Could be nothing. Could be significant. I know people drift in life and come back to stuff… but it does seem odd. No preamble though since coming back “online” this year. He just posted a few pictures of himself and friends having fun on the weekend and then… this?

Perhaps if we knew more about his criminal record it would shed more light on things.


3 thoughts on “Austin Shooter’s Background Short on Details, Long on Speculation

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Just a plain nut case? Blew his cork! Went berserk! Flipped his wig? You name it.


    • JImbo says:

      Could be.
      They still won’t release what drugs any of the other mass murderers were on for fear of “ostracizing other mental patients.”
      Well, if some chemical combinations (or NOT taking their meds) are in fact screwing up people and pushing them to kill, that SHOULD be a matter of public debate.
      And if it turns out that “hey, they’re just nuts. It happens”? Well, then that should be public knowledge too.


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