Pie and Ice Cream


November 29, 2014 by JImbo


I’m no “foodie” by any means. I don’t usually post pictures of my food from every meal on the Internet. Unless it’s really bad or unusual.

Like Cuttlefish.


Why anyone would want to eat fried rubber is beyond me.

On the other hand, I’m not averse to new things. Discovering new things and flavor combinations can be fun. I just don’t feel the need to brag about it to the world. Isn’t yumminess its own reward?

Having said that, there are some staples that are classics for a reason. They’re just GOOD. We recognize this and keep having them again and again.

During the Holidays for me, it’s pie and ice cream.

There’s something about the delicious combination of warm apple pie and cold vanilla ice cream together…with a little whipped cream… that makes it the near-perfect food. It only lasts for a moment before they start to mingle and turn to a sweet puddle of mush.

However, that is a moment of the closest thing to perfection I think we’ll ever see as human beings in this life. Your taste buds can almost live a lifetime enjoying the combination of temperature, texture and savory flavors inherent in that divine combination.

Maybe that’s why. Maybe it’s only so good because it’s so fleeting. The best things can’t last.

Some of our favorite themes are transitory. The “good old days” can’t go on forever. Nothing exists in stasis.

As an historian any “golden age” I point to has to be transitory. It’s just a step from one to the next epoch. Black and white movies had to eventually move on to color. Vinyl records moved on to 8-tracks, cassettes, CDs, MP3s, etc.

It’s inevitable that things change.

However, the beauty of pie and ice cream is that I can keep having it over and over. I can make more pie and get more ice cream. I can mix them every night, every meal if I want to. They can keep combining over and over, spoiling my palate with awesomeness.

Yes, as in TRULY AWESOME. Like the Grand Canyon or the vastness of Space. Not everything awesome has to be big or non-food. Sometimes it can just be a small part of Heaven on my plate.



One thought on “Pie and Ice Cream

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Pie & ice cream also pass the test.


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