Russia, China Plan To Build High Numbers Of New Stealth Fighters

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October 24, 2014 by JImbo

Also, since Russia isn’t spread over the whole planet they will be able to mass their forces effectively with an internal line of communication. That means they won’t just outnumber us 6 to 1. In practice we need to keep some F-22’s against China, North Korea, Iran, etc. So really our F-22’s will be outnumbered well over 10:1 at least.
Regardless of what you think about quality of Russian missiles, they are really good at making reliable jets with guns that work.
Our F-22’s only carry FOUR missiles apiece.
The F-35 carries TWO for the time being. (Might be upgraded to carry a couple more in a few years according to USAF officials.)
Do the math.
In a perfect world, the F-22 shoots down 4 migs with perfect shots… then is trounced by 6 “cheap” Russian planes and shot down with guns.
The same is true in just about every military category.

China is also following the SAME strategy, and you can be assured that if Russia is involved, China will be working simultaneously on the other side of the world to take advantage of it.

OK, Fine.


It’s probably fair to say that Russia can design and build good fighter planes.  They also  seem to be perfectly willing to sell planes – or the technology to build them – to other countries. Russia now builds a new Stealth fighter plane called the T-50 PAK FA.

The plane was designed to counter what is probably the U.S.’s best fighter, the F-22 Raptor. The U.S. built 187 F-22s and has already stopped production and there are no plans to build more.

Russia, on the other hand, plans to build and license possibly 1000 T-50s.

America’s first stealth fighter, the F-117A Nighthawk entered production about 30 years ago, and was used in the first Gulf War.

According to “In the intervening period the Soviet Union collapsed and China industrialized on a large scale. The notion that the United States could hold this technological and strategic advantage…

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