All Aboard the Apple iCloud- The Ship of the Future

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October 21, 2014 by JImbo

Hackers Break into Apple’s iCloud to Steal Users’ Information

I thought the Cloud was “safe” and “unhackable”..right Apple?

First Jennifer Lawrence has her stuff stolen and now this?

To be fair, it seems that the hackers didn’t break into the system itself. They simply skimmed off information by interrupting the wireless links in from users’ phones.

However, that’s the OFFICIAL story. (Would they admit it if they DID find a real leak? The one with Jennifer Lawrence’s pictures seemed like a legitimate breach.)

Regardless of just HOW safe it is… is it a good idea to put all that data in a common, single-access point? How convenient for all that data to be just sitting in one spot ready to access!

Seems almost too easy…

And if it turns out that the Chinese Government is truly behind this, maybe it WAS “too easy.” I understand they hire a huge “Cyberwarfare” division in the Chinese military. (And I mean literally a DIVISION… as in an ARMY DIVISION of hackers organized like a military unit.)

This isn’t a bunch of bored stoners or dorks in their mothers’ basements. This is organized and it’s effective. They’re wreaked hell on our own Pentagon systems.

Although if past experience is any guide, to get INTO China, Apple signed a contract to be “friendly” to the Chinese government if they want something. You play ball… you get “favored company status” in the country.

Given what I’ve seen of Apple’s penetration of the Chinese market and support by the Chinese government… I’d say they’re playing ball quite a lot. Which means that this didn’t have to be a real “invasion” so much as an “invited visit.”

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