We’ll Keep the Lights On For Ya

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October 7, 2014 by JImbo

Lemme give you a hypothetical.

Say you work downtown and there is a poor homeless guy you know there.

You decide to give him $10 for a meal, but are afraid he’ll use it to buy booze.

So, you tell him “You can’t use this money to buy booze!”

He nods and says “Okay. I won’t.”

He puts it in his pocket with the other $10 someone else gave him today.

Then you see him walk over to the liquor store and buy a bottle.

When you confront him, he says “I did what you said. I didn’t use YOUR money. I used the other guy’s money. They just happened to both be in the same pocket.”

Then, he goes across the street to the fast food place and gets food with the rest of the money.

Did you help him buy booze?

Or did you help him buy food?

What would have happened if you hadn’t given him any money?


That is how Planned Parenthood claims they “Don’t use any tax money for abortions.” After all they claim, if you use the money to pay the electric bill at the clinic, it does both health checkups as well as abortions under the same roof. You can’t pin down what part of the money is for abortions now can you? Therefore, you haven’t exactly paid for abortions.


So that’s why people on foodstamps can use their money at the casinos! They aren’t using their foodstamps on gambling. They’re using it to eat while they’re at the casino so they can use that money they were going to spend on food to gamble instead.

Sounds legit.

Good plan right?



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