Sexual Socialism and the Brave New World


October 6, 2014 by JImbo

Sex and Socialism

While the concept is well known enough, I don’t think Marx goes far enough. He only seems intent on destroying marriage. Marx himself seems to miss the full point of Socialism.

Isn’t Socialism all about EQUALITY? Well, as long as there are pretty people and ugly people… there will be inequality now won’t there?

Pretty People Make More Money

We know they make more money. We know they get more dates and hence sex too. Now surely THAT can’t be FAIR!

So it’s clear what we need to do. All the pretty people need to be forced to have sex with ugly people. That’s fair isn’t it?

Wealth is sometimes inherited… genes definitely are. Many Progressives say we want to marry race out of the culture making a light skinned mixed future race. That way there’s no racism in theory.

So why not looks? Surely if you are all eager to have the state redistribute your money and tell you what job to do, you’ll be just as eager to have the government tell you who to have babies with.


That IS the inevitable result of Socialism and Communism. You can’t have “halfway Socialism/Communism” for very long. A couple generations at most, a few years sometimes. Increasingly larger government and an emphasis on RESULTS over ACTIONS will have to eventually lead to this consequence.

First it will be the low hanging fruit. Euthenizing and aborting unwanted and “defective” children. Then it’s whole groups that will have to be sterilized. After all, if you know by genetic testing that a certain group of people with a certain gene will get cancer or an expensive disease, why let them breed?

Uncle Sam is paying for your health care now so it’s in their interest to limit costs right? Who is going to vote against saving money? As long as it’s someone else of course…

It’s just some “defectives” anyway. The government told me they were inferior to us “healthy” people. We’re just doing our patriotic duty as good citizens, right?

That is until we get to gene tinkering. Then there won’t be any “ugly” people. Well, unless you don’t happen to all have the same preferences. After all if you choose to be a blonde and all the guys in your neighborhood want a brunette… well then that’s not fair!

So, we’d all have to have the SAME PREFERENCES too. So, we’ll have to program everyone to like a few select templates (say…. Nordic Caucasian with straight blonde hair?)

Which of course will mean gays will have to be eliminated. We can’t have TOO much choice and that’s not an efficient template. Logically only “breeders” will be made because it’d be a waste of government funds to encourage “dead enders.” Anyone who won’t breed is “inefficient” and we can’t have inefficient people in our utopian super race of the future now can we?

But still there might be some discontents. Some people just aren’t born happy enough. Those dang pessimists. So, we get rid of those. Aberrant mental defectives of course!

And just to make sure everyone is totally happy even on “sad days” we’ll give everyone access to all the free drugs they want, free music, free entertainment. Free everything! (Well after you get done with your government mandated job that you’ll be too doped up to complain about!)

You’ll be bred for those jobs anyway now. Since there’s only a couple real types of jobs to do and no real need for variation it’ll be far easier to just clone people and give them numbers instead of names. Identify them by their social class, number and job. That way everyone is truly equal. Just cogs in a machine. And too doped up to care.

I didn’t come up with this all. It’s mostly from Aldous Huxley’s book “Brave New World” written in 1936.

He predicted just about everything in one form or another that we now have in our “modern” culture. The prevalence of TV, Radio, Cloning, the future of Socialism, Recreational prescription drugs, “Reality TV”, “iWatch” (by different names), … and MORE!

If you don’t understand what’s happening or where society is going…give the book a read. You’ll be amazed what a little logical reasoning can do for predicting the future.


5 thoughts on “Sexual Socialism and the Brave New World

  1. Thank you for posting this. I will have to check out this book. It’s amazing how some people have such foresight. Dale Carnegie is a great example.


  2. Patrick says:

    Sounds a little ,(lot), like Nazi Germany. That worked really well didn’t it?


  3. JImbo says:

    Ya know if he hasn’t overstretched and tried to take ALL of Europe at once, I think he might have gotten away with it. What country was willing to go to war over a few million Jews? Sounds cruel but even as late as 1938 the Allies were proclaiming peace with the “Gentleman from Germany.” You would be surprised how much you can get away with when you go slow and keep your enemies divided. Would Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin ever have dreamed of joining forces until they were backed into a corner and put on the defensive? We are actually lucky Hitler was a madman as well as a sociopath.


  4. Patrick says:

    It would have been real trouble had Hitler not taken total control and not listened to his generals. Obama might take a lesson here. Germany might well have won WWII.


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