Fall in Wayne County- Sodus Point

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October 1, 2014 by JImbo

When did they put these in at the old light house museum? They kinda stuck out on the well manicured lawn. Something you’d expect to see more on the World Trade Center or at Niagara Falls, not in the middle of a field.

Without any boats on the Lake to watch, I guess you’re supposed to look at the new light house with it?

The obligatory new light house pic. Not bad zoom  detail I suppose.

Closed beach house. (And I really had to go to… oh well)

This is the first time I’d seen anyone kite-surfing around the Point. It looked like so much fun. The guys were pretty nice.

I kinda like how this one came out, even with a crappy camera =-)

Sometimes what is funny is what you can’t see in the pictures. There were a couple old Mennonites in a pickup truck watching these kite-surfers with priceless expressions of wonder and curiosity. The cultural gap there had to be huge.

Takes all kinds…




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