FBI Just “Monitoring” ISIS Combatants Returning to the United States


September 23, 2014 by JImbo

FBI is “monitoring” ISIS Combatants Returning to United States

Wait… am I missing something here?


Why not “arresting?” Fighting against us with a foreign power is still the definition of “Treason” the last time I checked.

*double checks*


It still is.

So we have over 100 known ISIS terrorists let back in the country and mingling back into the population… and that’s ok?


I know Obama doesn’t wanna close the back door where they’re streaming across the border from Mexico with absolutely no security checks. Flying in on commercial flights and heading right back home isn’t exactly subtle. How much longer can this shit go on before SOMEONE with some balls stands up and gets their voice heard?

Spread this people. Verify this is true. Send it to all your friends. I can reach out to about 1,000 of you so far. From there it’s up to you to spread the word to your friends… and from them to more friends.

What game are they playing? Every solution I can think of is bad. I can’t find ONE solid, reasonable, positive reason for letting known terrorists wander around our country after fighting AGAINST our interests on the battlefield.



2 thoughts on “FBI Just “Monitoring” ISIS Combatants Returning to the United States

  1. Patrick says:

    If you go overseas to any of these countries on a one way trip your visa should be confiscated and you don’t ever come back. If you do sneak in it is a treasonable offense.


  2. JImbo says:

    Fighting against your country us already treason. What is one more felony to a terrorist who will probably blow himself up anyway?


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