Woman Gets Third Boob To “Stop Men From Wanting to Date Her”


September 23, 2014 by JImbo

Woman Gets Third Boob To “Stop Men From Wanting to Date Her”

Right… like I believe THAT!

Followed around by a reality TV film crew?

Dressing like a prostitute in specially made 3-boob tight leather?

I don’t care she’s doing it. More power to her! Just…why the really awful attempt at modesty?

If you wanna be a tri-breasted bimbo just go ahead and DO IT.

OWN that shit!

Be assertive!

Money well spent I say! So what you have to live in your parents’ basement till you’re 47 and have 50% more breast saggage than normal. That’s the price you pay to be a feminist artist and reality TV star.

If she REALLY wants to be different, she should try webbed feet. Now that would be the ultimate!

Or how about NO TATTOOS!


Break ALL the taboos!

Not a single…freaking…one…. Be the only girl under 30 to have completely virgin skin.


Ok ok I know… I went too far there.

We’ll stick with the webbed feet and three boobs.

The no tattoos thing was way too radical.

Don’t wanna get CRAZY now.



2 thoughts on “Woman Gets Third Boob To “Stop Men From Wanting to Date Her”

  1. Patrick says:

    Here’s hoping this conceited woman ends up in low grade porn movies like men with a double dose of manhood!


  2. JImbo says:

    Oh sure just give them more ideas!


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