Constitution Day Freedom Rally- SUCCESS!

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September 21, 2014 by JImbo

Constitution Day Freedom Rally

Our Rally yesterday went great. Granted it wasn’t that big, but it’s the first time most of us have done this sort of thing. Just a bunch of neighbors trying to make a difference and have some fun at it.


I was pleasantly surprised. Unlike most Facebook events I’ve seen, MORE people showed up than signed up. We had about 40 folks come and have fun. Good food, good company, some public speakers, some shooting. I know I ran into people I hadn’t seen in a long time and even neighbors I hadn’t talked to or knew were into God, Guns and Freedom.

There were a lot of younger people and families there too. Not everyone agreed, but we found that we ALL agreed on FREEDOM and the US Constitution. Hey, if you can agree on that, you can agree to disagree on the other 5% of what’s important.

THIS is what we need to do if America is going to survive. We need to come TOGETHER on the big things, not be divided over the little things. We need to organize, meet, greet, and EDUCATE.

Look out for one another.

Hey, Freedom isn’t free. It takes a lot of work. But, the reward is worth it. There will be more action on this in the future. That’s why we’re here.

Well, that and the great food.

If you were there, THANK YOU!
If you weren’t, WELCOME and JOIN US NEXT TIME!

Or set up something of your own. That’s what the American Revival is all about. Rediscovering who we are and reestablishing our Founding Principles.


Short Speeches

Yours truly

Wesley Meadows (author of the Silent Panda Review)


Join the conversation and learn more about the American Revival Movement on the Readneck Review Page

or the

Super Majority Page



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