Welcome to the New Tardis (BBC News article)


August 24, 2014 by JImbo


BBC features new Tardis for a new Doctor Who

Not sure who doesn’t know who “Doctor Who” is at this point… whether you’re a fan of the new or old series.

It’s one of the best known Sci Fi phenomenon beside Star Wars, Star Trek and X Files.

“British-sounding space alien travels through time and saves the universe…repeatedly.”

I think that pretty much sums it up.

Anyway, I really never got into the new series. I might with the new “more serious” doctor, if only to check out the new Neo-Edwardian sets. It’s like a Future Steampunk feel. Totally different from the others.

Anyway, give it a look if you’re a fan or not.

Can’t get enough good steampunk.

Personally what I’d really like to see is another Space Western. The later Star Wars movies kinda lost that feel from the first few movies. There was Firefly for one season. There’s that show on SyFy now… Defiance.

That kinda went off the rails when the whole “Chosen One” thing popped up. Never really cared for the whole “Chosen One” trope. That’s what I disliked about Star Wars too.

It’s kind of UnAmerican if you ask me.

This country is based on the idea that ANYONE can make it and that EVERYONE is equal.

If you have people born by blood to be an elite ruling class or outside the law, doesn’t that spit in the face of equality? Tell me exactly how being a “Jedi” in Star Wars, with the ability to operate outside the law and kill whoever you want is any different than the Inquisition of the Middle Ages?

“We answer to the Jedi Council, not the Republic.”

Sounds a bit like “We answer to the Pope, not to the King” doesn’t it?

Or even “We answer to Hitler, not you.”

Maybe the Jedi were only seen as “good” because they were out of power before. Now that we see the Jedi IN power in the later movies we find out they weren’t any better.

It’s like having two political parties, neither of which care about the average citizen.

Oh wait… we do have that don’t we?

Well here’s to hoping they don’t develop psychic powers and declare themselves religions.

Anyway, I’m way off on a tangent. Enjoy the new season of Dr. Who.

Dr Who New Series


One thought on “Welcome to the New Tardis (BBC News article)

  1. Patrick says:

    Needs to be more like Indiana Jones, action, action, little quirkiness, more wham bam!


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