Who was that masked man?


August 24, 2014 by JImbo

Sometimes I seen article and can’t help but wonder…why?

Brits near identifying killer of US journalist

Why do we really CARE what individual person killed journalist James Foley?

Sure it’s a tragedy, but ISIS is doing a LOT of that. It’s like trying to identify ONE particular soldier in the SS during Nazi Germany. What’s the point?

Even if you KNEW who the third guard from the left at the Auschwitz concentration camp was… what good would it do you?

“Why yes that’s Hans Freihofffer. He’s from Bavaria. Went to school with a third cousin of Rudolph Hess.”

So what?

He’s still deep inside enemy territory. Gonna serve him an arrest warrant are we? Ask ISIS to kindly give him up? That worked SO well when we asked the Taliban to hand over Osama Bin Laden.

Is this just about IGNORING ISIS itself? The guy is a TOOL. Nothing more. I can tell you it’s highly unlikely that the masked guy chopping a dude’s head off is not a senior leader in ISIS. He’s gonna be some thug who is obeying orders and loving it.

He’s a monster sure but just a small one in the big scheme of things.

Wanna target the ISIS leadership? Fine.

Wanna shut them down? Fine.

Wanna let them sort their own problems out and kill one another while we watch from the sidelines? Fine too.

Just don’t try playing this off as some worthy goal. It’s a Quixotic quest for a useless goal. There’s no way without taking out/capturing ALL of ISIS that any information they dig up will EVER be used.

It’s “doing something because it’s better than nothing.”

Well, ya know what? Sometimes doing nothing IS better. Wasting resources on a pointless pursuit just to make yourself feel better about failing on a large scale is a disservice to the truth and your own people.

Focus on the big picture. This isn’t a simple criminal investigation. It’s a WAR. Start treating it like one.



6 thoughts on “Who was that masked man?

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  2. Because he is British. They need to get to the roots and see who he associated with. It’s important.


  3. Patrick says:

    %00 plus Brits overseas. Will be easy for them to disappear when they return to cause havock. To us it isn’t as big a deal.


  4. Patrick says:

    Amend above comment: should be 500+


  5. JImbo says:

    I’m sure there’s quite a few “Americans” over there too.


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