Three Phrases That Scare Me

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March 18, 2018 by JImbo

Three Phrases That Scare Me

I’m not scared of much. I’ve been shot at, been in house fires, and landed a plane without an engine. I can get pretty worried, but rarely scared.

Having said that, there are three phrases in modern politics that scare the bejeezus out of me. Every time. The mere utterance of these testaments to stupidity and ignorance make me cringe and grind my teeth to stop from throttling the speaker.

It’s not entirely their fault. The educational system has failed them. They don’t know they’re ignorant.

These aren’t dumb people as a rule. They are smart about some things. They just don’t know what they don’t know.

The first phrase is: “Someone needs to do something.”

This should throw up red flags to anyone hearing it. It is a cry of emotion, not logic. Fear is talking here, not reason.

There is no problem defined. There is no solution. There is no person to be blamed or made responsible. You literally can’t get more vague and clueless than “someone” and “something.”

We hear this recently in the school violence meme. We can’t even get people to agree on what is happening, why, how or when. We don’t know who needs to “fix” or what the “problem” truly is. If we don’t even know WHY it’s happening, how can we ask for a solution from “someone” without even a name?

The second terrifying phrase is: “There oughta be a law.”

This usually comes after the first phrase. Once people have decided irrationally that “something needs to be done” then of course that “someone” doing it should be the government! Government is the perfect scapegoat because it’s never a single person held accountable. There is literally not a “someone” to worry about being responsible.

Likewise, there’s no “something” to do because the policies are all “comprehensive” and overly complicated to the point that you can’t really tell WHAT is being done. “Something” is a specific item. A “comprehensive policy” never has to actually produce any results or be nailed down to a single action. It’s perfect for a politician!

So, in a nutshell you get to pay a lot of money for no one to really do anything. However, it SEEMS like something is being done and someone MUST be doing it because…well, because we’re spending a lot of money.

The most scariest phrase is: “By any means necessary.” If you think about it… is that REALLY what you want? Is ANYTHING worth “any means necessary?”

Is there anything in life that you would use ANY immoral means you could to accomplish? Is there not ONE thing your principles would prevent you from accomplishing? If not, then that doesn’t really mean that you are a noble person on an important quest. What it means is that you have no personal morals.

Even if you wanted to save a person’s life… how far does that go? Would you kill someone else? What about a million other people? Is there REALLY no limit to what you would do?

Malcolm X was famous for this saying. He was a Black Nationalist of the Nation of Islam. He was also a Socialist.

Put those together. What do you get? National Socialist.


Oh but that’s silly! Nazis are racist!


And so was Malcolm X.

Extremely racist!

And guess what… so is his disciple Louis Farrakhan today in the Nation of Islam.

The same Louis Farrakhan that is an idol of the four leaders of the “Student March Against Violence” calling for gun control. More info here.

-Carmen Perez

NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 13: Activist Linda Sarsour speaks during a ‘Women For Syria’ gathering at Union Square, April 13, 2017 in New York City. The group gathered to support and stand with the people of Syria and call for the United States to accept Syrian refugees. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

-Linda Sarsour

-Tamika Mallory

Yes, they adore the man who called for the literal genocide of “the Jew.”

Check out some fun quotes by the racist himself here.

They took money from billionaire George Soros too to organize the Womens’ March and Student March/Walk Out too.

Seeing a pattern here?

Still agree that “By any means necessary” is a good idea? What if you REALLY believed that gun control was the answer to school violence? Would you be literally willing to work with National Socialists (Nazis) to achieve it?

Is it truly “By any means necessary?”

The fact that people have to THINK about this makes me fear for our future as a society.





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