CSI: Syria


April 6, 2017 by JImbo


The one thing that the Republicans and the Democrats seem to agree on is that we NEED TO GO TO WAR WITH SYRIA RIGHT AWAY!

Does this make anyone else suspicious?

The drumbeats of war are suddenly loud and impending, even though there is zero evidence that President Assad of Syria has DONE anything wrong (well more than usual.)


Let’s look at this like a crime scene shall we?

There are four basic parts to a criminal case.

1- Means

2- Motive


4- Evidence


Let’s start with the last item first.

We know for a FACT only that a bunch of people got sick and doctors said they “looked like they had suffered a chemical attack.” The witnesses said bombs were dropped before the event.

Let’s accept that at face value for the moment. Does that mean the BOMBS were chemical-filled? That may be jumping to conclusions. All we know is that they happened at the same time.

The Syrians claim they were bombing an ISIS/Rebel chemical weapons factory. The bombs broke open drums of chemicals that the terrorists were making.

Sound far fetched to you?

Well, WE did the same thing in the Gulf War. We bombed Iraqi chemical weapons sites and then our soldiers came down with “Gulf War Syndrome.” So, it’s plausible.

We do know that the Turks have stopped shipments of chemical weapons components into Syria from crossing the border.

We also know that it’s VERY likely that the last chemical weapons strike blamed on the Syrian government actually came from Rebel-held territory.

This wouldn’t be the first “false flag” event either. The Rebels have routinely blown up their own people (and the Turks, the Kurds, anyone really) and then blamed it on the Syrians, only to find out that there were no Syrian forces IN the area to begin with.

Now, COULD it be Syrian forces this time? Well, we don’t know. Going to point 3, we don’t know if they have the OPPORTUNITY to conduct such attacks. We know they have aircraft that ARE bombing the Rebels and ISIS. So, they can drop bombs.

However, going to point 1, they may not have the MEANS to do so. Remember a couple years ago when the Obama Administration forced Assad to let inspectors in and destroy his whole stockpile? They said they had verified that all of his chemical weapons were destroyed. Since then they have been blockaded by our allies from getting more arms, except from the Russians.

I suppose they COULD smuggle the materials in to build more, but we don’t have evidence of it. We DO have evidence that ISIS has indeed been doing that…and giving it a high priority too. So, at best we can say is it’s more likely that ISIS has the means than Syria. After all, no inspectors went to any ISIS towns to destroy THEIR chemical weapons.

Finally that leaves us at the crucial point…MOTIVE. Who has a reason to do this? The Syrian foreign minister was very clear about this point. “Why would we do this? We are winning. Who uses chemical bombs when you are WINNING?”

He has a convincing point. ISIS is being sandwiched between the US and allies on one side, and Syria and allies (Russia and China) on the other. They are on the ropes.

So… why would Syria want to do something that would a) have very little effect on the fighting and b) piss off the US and our allies? The LAST thing they want to do is have us stop fighting ISIS and start fighting Assad.

The ONLY group that benefits from this attack seems to be ISIS and the losing Rebels who are losing ground. They have the MEANS. They have the MOTIVE. They have an OPPORTUNITY and there is ample EVIDENCE that they not only probably did it now, but have done the SAME thing in the past!

Assad is a grade A asshole. He’s a dictator that has killed a LOT of his own people. However, he’s useful right now taking out an actual threat to our interests. It would only HURT us to stop fighting terrorists and start bombing Assad, setting our whole effort back by months of years.

Surely it’s blatantly obvious to our “brilliant” leaders in Washington that this is a very stupid idea. It doesn’t matter WHICH party or leader you support. Obama, Clinton, Trump…they are all cheering for war.

That makes me wonder…why?

Why are they intentionally ignoring common sense and seeming to swallow the lie hook, line and sinker? What is their bigger game? What do they have to gain by overthrowing Assad and HELPING ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood Rebels?

Answer that and it’ll make a whole lot more sense.





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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very odd indeed.


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