Libertarian (Liberty) Party Debate 2016

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April 3, 2016 by JImbo

Yes, there IS another option. There is a third option if you don’t care for the Republicans or Democrats. And these are the guys running for that third party nomination.

Vote your conscience, not the “lesser of two evils.” Vote for the actual person you WANT in. Is it one of these three? Or is it Trump? Cruz? Kasich? Clinton? Sanders?

Likely it just may be Trump/Clinton in November.

Then what?

There are #NeverTrump people out there and there are #NeverClinton people out there.

In recent exit polls in multiple states, 30-40% of people said that if it came down to Trump vs Clinton they would consider a third party.

Well, here’s your option.

Would you consider any of these guys?

Remember, if the Libertarian Party gets more than just 5% of the ballot, they become “sanctioned” by the Federal gov’t and they get equal time/money/consideration to the Democrats and Republicans. They will actually appear on the ballot automatically as the other two parties do and you will have a party that stands for (in summary)

-Individual Freedom

-Social Freedom (same rights for everyone)

-Free Markets

-US Constitution

-Smaller government

-Balanced budget

-Term limits


Now, as you will see there are differences even in the Libertarian community. They disagree over exactly what to do over abortion, gay rights, defense, etc. However they agree on the principle that our country is founded on the US Constitution as a protector of INDIVIDUAL rights and LIMITING the power of the Federal government.

To me that’s a great place to start on the same page.

Libertarian Platform

I’m curious as to what people think once they actually get to hear from the Libertarians themselves. Is the problem that they aren’t heard…or do people ACTUALLY not want pro-Constitutional candidates? Do people LIKE the GOP/DNC candidates? Are afraid to vote anything else? Or don’t know enough about them?


NOTE: Part II of the Libertarian Party debate (second hour) is next week (Saturday, April 9th at 8pm) on the John Stossell Show on Fox Business Channel. It had to be broken up into two parts because none of the major networks would give the LP two hours to air their debate. So, John Stossell offered two episodes of his 1-hour show in order to broadcast it himself.

At the very least that deserves some credit. Have you seen any other hosts willing to do that?





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