Derp… We spend too much on the military! Derp….(Thank God for the National Priorities Project!)


September 23, 2015 by JImbo

I finally have a website to point people to when they show their ignorance and cannot take the time to do their own research. They simply repost every Facebook or Twitter meme they can think of and then BOOM it becomes “fact”… even if it’s TOTALLY WRONG!

Take my favorite “little white lie” that the Left likes to use. The “we spend most of our budget on the evil military so we don’t have enough money for old people, the sick and children! Waaaah!”

Bullllll crap.

They oddly enough even sometimes use this graphic:

Look at all that money!

Too bad it’s not that much. They fail to include the other 71% of the budget! The discretionary budget is only 29% of the whole thing!

Sneaky eh?


The military is only 16% of the Federal budget.

But huh… what do we spend MORE money on? Oh that’s right… Social Security, Health Care, Subsidized Housing, Education….

Huh so it seems they don’t WANT us to know that 5/6 of our budget goes to all SORTA of social programs.

In fact, we spend about $3 trillion of it (78%) on SOCIAL SPENDING.

Yet we still have terrible test scores, lots of folks in poverty, etc.

Then they use this nifty graphic to try to show you how much of your dollar is used for the military.

Trouble is… it’s not true.

We already know that 16% of the budget is military, not 27%. If you go to the ORIGINAL WEBSITE that MADE the graphic (see up there? they EXPLAIN quite clearly that this chart does NOT include Social Security and Medicare.

Huh… so to be realistic this “dollar” would actually have to be about $1.69 and military spending would be… you guessed it… 16%.

It’s ironic that these activists and troop-haters would go as far as going to the very website that EXPLAINS this stuff quite clearly… then take the graphics and post them INTENTIONALLY WRONG.

Geez, at least if you’re going to post this stuff you might as well tell people where you got it and READ the articles you take the graphics from. It’s beyond lazy. It’s borderline criminal the way these folks twist the facts to try to craft a new narrative that doesn’t fit reality.

Incidentally, you should REALLY go to that website. It’s fantastic. It breaks the whole Federal budget down, what comes in, what goes out, and it even breaks down what states get what. Very knowledgeable and informative.

Thank you National Priorities for offering this service. I’ll refer idiots to your website next time instead of dealing with the high blood pressure and urge to maim, injure and kill idiots.

I can’t guarantee they will READ anything there, but you know what they say about a horse and water. Of course a horse will eventually get thirsty. Idiots never seem to have that natural urge to learn.





One thought on “Derp… We spend too much on the military! Derp….(Thank God for the National Priorities Project!)

  1. patrick russell says:

    They all “support” the troops but hypocritically want to cut the budget drastically.


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