Trump 10, Media 0


September 20, 2015 by JImbo

Let me preface this with saying I don’t plan on VOTING for Trump.

There are better candidates in the race.

However, the slander and misinformation campaigns against Mr. Trump are very dishonest. Most are outright lies. The rest are mischaracterizations of what he said or ignorance of the truth.

For example, on immigration he has a few valid points that are ENTIRELY missed. He is in fact right. I don’t know that he himself came up with the information, but whoever did has their facts straight.

Let’s address the three biggest points in his immigration outline. (I can’t really all it a “plan” without more details.)

  1. Anchor Babies
  2. The Wall
  3. Welfare, Jobs and Crime

The 14th Amendment does NOT in fact allow for “anchor babies.” It was never intended to mean foreigners having children. “Natural born” was always meant to refer to the children born of American parents. The ONLY reason it was there was to make the former slaves and children of former slaves automatic citizens.

That’s it.

The Origin of the 14th Amendment

The TL;DR summary:

According to The Federalist Papers Project, (Senator) Howard wrote, in part, “that every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States.”

But Howard continued, “This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons.”

So, there you have it. It was not intended to mean foreigners or aliens. That’s from the AUTHOR of the 14th Amendment. It didn’t “change” until a judge deemed it so in a lone decision in the mid-1980s.

Trump 1, Media 0.


Immigrant families receive over 50% more welfare benefits proportionately than native born families. The primary factor isn’t race or culture. It is education.

80% of those with less than high school are on welfare programs of some sort. Only 25% of those with a Bachelor’s degree or higher are.

It’s not that we want to refuse immigration. It’s that there are simply a lack of low skilled jobs and they don’t pay much. However, the bulk of immigrants (and MOST of our illegal immigrants) are those without real job skills. That’s in large part why they’re poor in their HOME country too!

Unskilled in any country is pretty much a bad thing.

Welfare Use by Immigrant Families Compared to Native Born


It’s not rocket science.

It’s basic economics that more people applying for a job, the fewer there will be getting the job. That means more people unemployed.

Is that hard to grasp for anyone? It seems damn near impossible for the media to get. Maybe they don’t teach economics or common sense anymore in school.

You’ve already seen that MOST illegal immigrant do NOT have college degrees. It’s actually dishonest to try to constantly conflate the two. Why would you need to sneak in if you have a college degree in demand? There are lots of work VISAs you can get!

No, it’s OBVIOUSLY the ILLEGAL immigrants that are being talked about and the overwhelming majority haven’t completed high school. Not all, but the majority. That’s MILLIONS of people who have no skills and can’t even read and write in English.

Where are our highest native unemployment rates? In the black communities where they have less than high school educations and can’t read and write in English.

That’s not entirely a joke. Reading comprehension by our high schools dropouts is abysmal. Despite dropping standards they are STILL failing at record rates.

Bottom line is… the illegal immigrants ARE taking jobs and causing even HIGHER Black unemployment.

Black Youth Unemployment 393% Higher than National Average

Is there any way to destroy a community faster than taking away the few jobs it has? Would it be GOOD or BAD for this country to have more people working? If you think of every young illegal immigrant taking the job of a young black man… you can begin to see the problem.

NOW do you see why black youth crime is rising? Why their unemployment rate is rising? Why communities are in ruins? Oh the slide dates back to 1965 when the whole welfare state was set up (destroying solid black families), but this is NOT improving things.

I personally don’t care what color or nationality someone is. It’s not right to keep shoving more and more unskilled workers into ghettos with very few unskilled jobs open for them. What do you EXPECT to happen except more crime?


So are illegal aliens mostly criminals or less likely than US citizens to commit crimes?

Well… depends on who you ask I suppose.

I’ve heard the first:

Crime Statistics regarding illegal aliens in America by FBI

And I’ve heard the second:

Immigrants commit less crime than native

So what’s the truth?

Well, it all depends.

First off, illegal immigrants tend to be treated differently than natives. They tend to get deported or referred to Immigration/Border Patrol when caught. Then they are either deported or released (often the latter.) So, they rarely see a criminal court room like everyone else.

When they are deported, the criminals tend to come back and have no accessible record of the previous violation. I think there was a study back around 2010 where they found that the same 240,000 illegals were eventually tracked down to about a million violent/sex crimes. They just kept getting away with it through manipulating the system and avoiding going to court.

So, the incarceration and conviction rates of illegals is low on paper. That doesn’t mean crimes aren’t happening. It just means they aren’t going to jail for them.

Also as the example shows the serious crimes are more concentrated. Gang membership is higher in illegal immigrant communities and gangs tend to concentrate more violence in a smaller area among a smaller group of people.

Why so many gangs? Well, many are gang members when they come over. They are coming from countries like Mexico, Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela with a HUGE gang problem. Many state “fear of gangs” as their reason for leaving.

Unfortunately, smuggling people is as easy as smuggling drugs and it’s VERY easy currently to get both across our open border. So, the gangs tend to come right along with the “innocent.”

I have to put that in quotes because the first act of illegal aliens is trespassing and violating the law. The second act is generally identity fraud to get a job. Then the third is often welfare fraud (unless they have an “anchor baby” that qualifies.) Then labor law is violated if they work under the table or under a false ID. Plus the company they work for is breaking the law… the list goes on and on and that’s before any “actual crimes” happen!

While I sympathize with them about wanting a better life… their method is criminal. As I was severely criticized for writing a couple weeks ago, they ARE still criminals. Breaking our laws to live here illegally for a better job is no better than robbing a bank or a store for money because you’re poor.

Either way you are breaking the law. You may be justifying it to yourself while doing it, but it’s not right. You KNOW it’s not right and that I think is why so many advocates of illegal immigration are so vehement about it.

It’s wrong. They know they’re wrong. The truth is very uncomfortable and challenges their sense of moral superiority about the whole issue.

You’re supporting criminals. Suck it up. Admit that and justify it any way you think you need to. However, the fact doesn’t change that breaking multiple laws is not the way to be a good citizen. Get in line like everyone else and do it the RIGHT WAY!

You don’t shoplift. You wait in line and pay for it.

You don’t rob a bank.

Come into the country the same way too.

The Wall

This is probably one of the most misunderstood of the Trump initiatives.

A wall is NOT expensive to build.

Not by Federal spending levels anyway.

We can spend a million dollars to study why a cow farts or to put shrimp on a treadmill to see how fast hey run…but we can’t build a simple wall?

Are people REALLY that stupid?

Even at a MILLION dollars a mile, that’s still only $2 billion for the entire 2,000 miles of border. That’s chump change. We have 300+ million Americans in this country. That’s only $6.67 a person.

Can YOU afford less than seven dollars?

That’s if we build it all at once. Over a few years it’s a buck or two per person per year.

So for a cup of coffee for every American we can build a wall.

And for ONE CUP OF COFFEE PER YEAR we can maintain it.

It’s not “hundreds of billions of dollars.”

That’s a made up claim.

I KNOW what it costs and what it takes to put in walls and barriers. We did it in Iraq and Kuwait. TOO easy to do. Cheap too.

It’s far from impossible. If walls were impossible, then why have prisons? Don’t walls keep prisoners in? Don’t fences keep people out of military bases?

Oh… but those are GUARDED you say. Exactly. Every single example of illegals sneaking over under or around walls involves NO ONE GUARDING IT.

Why would we not use the 20,000 border guards on… the border? They haven’t been ON the border since Obama told them to back off and play rear are defense. Go look it up. They aren’t supposed to police the few fences we have.

Yes you can scale an unguarded wall with a ladder. You can do pretty much anything you want IF NO ONE IS THERE.

But, we’d stop using our border guards to chase down criminals like police. That’s not what they are for. We’d put them BACK on the border watching the wall.. with guns. Go through the doors in the wall or be shot.

The end.

Maybe land mines.

With signs in English and Spanish.

I think “Land Mines: BOOM!” with a little picture are pretty universally recognized.

20,000 Border Patrol are ALREADY on the US payroll. We would simply use them. No additional cost required. If you want more backup, the National Guard is always looking for good training practice.

As for what to do with those IN the country… figure that out later. Turn off the spigot first. Fix the hole in the bucket/boat. Whatever analogy you want to use.

People criticize Trump for saying “it will fix itself” but… it WILL. Without a steady stream of NEW criminals, those in the country will eventually expose themselves. The violent criminals will commit crimes and be deported or locked up. Unable to get back in, they will no longer be an issue.

The non-violent criminals (most of the rest) will be given the option of coming out of the shadows and go through the process. However, they will go to the back of the line like everyone else. No special treatment for budging in line. (Do shoplifters get preferential treatment in Wal Mart?)

If they refuse to get in line, when they are found they will be deported. Either way a limited number of people to deal with. Over time that number gets smaller and smaller. In a generation the problem WILL in fact “solve itself.”

It’s not IMMIGRANTS that Trump (and 85+% of the American people in polls) are against. It’s ILLEGALS. We don’t like CRIMINALS.

Finally, the issue of “who pays for it all?”

Well we won’t need to deport a LOT of people all at once. Law enforcement has the resources to do most of that anyway. There will be no Nazi “boxcars full of people for internment camps.” More made up media spin.

The only cost would be for the actual wall itself. And, as I said it wouldn’t be very expensive. In fact, Trump could make a GREAT project out of it.

He doesn’t need campaign funds but he can always take donations for the wall. It would allow people to show support for Trump without having to a) admit they are supporting Trump to their friends and b) while accomplishing something useful.

It would be a great coup. “Look, I’m already working on the problem and I’m not even in office yet!”

As I said, I don’t plan on supporting Trump. He’s in many ways a White Obama (narcissist, loudmouth, rude and a show-off braggart) However, I HATE it when people spread so much disinformation and outright lies.

Trump is a populist first and foremost. He’s not on the wild fringes. He is simply doing what a populist does… saying what’s… POPULAR.

Therefore, he CAN’T be in the minority or on the fringe. By definition if what he is saying is supported by 80+% of the population then he HAS to be representing the American people.

I’m not saying the the American people as a majority always know what’s best. However, I DO know that we are in a democratic republic and that’s how a democracy works. (Hopefully you already know the difference a democracy and a republic if you’re reading this blog. If not ask!)

If you don’t think the people should be able to decide what is best for themselves then you probably shouldn’t be in America. It’s not exactly the best place for someone who doesn’t believe in the whole “We the People” thing.


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