Scientists Say Globe Not Warming…Yet…Give it Time…


February 27, 2015 by JImbo

The Pause in Global Warming is Finally Explained

Actually, no it’s not. They have no idea what causes the natural heating/cooling cycles they are quoting. If you read beyond the headline you find that the scientists have NO CLUE why the Earth is doing any heating or cooling.

Their very explanation is vague enough to be written by a 6th grader. In a nutshell they say “The oceans change temperature all the time. The oceans are cooler at the moment so the Earth is cooler. We don’t know why. But, we are SURE it won’t last…whatever it is.”

(source: Climate Data Subsets from

Wow that tells us exactly NOTHING. Thanks for the useless information guys. At least we now know you are LESS knowledgeable than we thought.

Silly me I thought oceanographers had SOME clue why the oceans were cycling in temperatures. It’s been happening since mankind has been around. We’ve had lots of time to study it.

It’s not like it would have a SMALL effect on global temperature either since 80% of the planet is WATER. So if you don’t know what is causing the water to warm up or cool down, then you are admitting you have no clue what 80% of the globe is up to.

Yet we’re supposed to just trust you that you know what you’re doing…after just telling us that you DON’T KNOW WHAT is causing it.

Now that is brilliant. Not intelligent, but brilliant. In a crafty, “Global Warming is My Religion” kinda belief way.

If I say “I don’t know” I’m called an idiot or a “Climate Denier.””

If the scientists say “I don’t know” they are really smart dudes.

For the record, that IS what us “Climate Deniers” say… that we don’t KNOW if the planet is warming. We can only look at the data and say the same thing the scientists are… it hasn’t warmed in 10 years. Now that may be 15 years… or more.


The difference between us is that i don’t then take a LACK of knowledge and then try to predict the future based on NO KNOWLEDGE WHATSOEVER.

It’s like that prediction in National Geographic last month about temperature change in Florida. Remember that one?

Oh that’s right that’s the one that predicted the temperature would rise between 2080 and 2100. Yes, comparing two dates in the FUTURE with one another to someone “prove” that the actual REAL data now (that shows no warming) is wrong.

Do they even realize how dumb that sounds?

Or do they just not give a crap and know that most folks are too ignorant to read the captions? It’s not even CURRENT. It’s based on a source from 2005!

Why 2005? Because that’s when the whole warming thing stopped. If they used any CURRENT data it would disprove their theory.

When did theory become more important than data? Is that the “new science?” I was taught when new information challenged a theory you had to change the theory. Instead we change the data to suit the theory?

And I’m the one called unscientific?




2 thoughts on “Scientists Say Globe Not Warming…Yet…Give it Time…

  1. Pat Russell says:

    If you don’t have a degree in Climatology your voice is not heard.

    Liked by 1 person

    • JImbo says:

      Yeah… History doesn’t count, even when it’s historical temperature trends. Funny how they always need to be “corrected”… the raw data is never enough.


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