There is no Voter Fraud…. but plenty of “Calibration Errors” all over the place


October 23, 2014 by JImbo

In Illinois, Voter Fraud is Called “Calibration Error”

Am I surprised this happened in Chicago of all places?

I’m so glad we don’t have any fraud in this country. Of course if there were it wouldn’t technically be traceable since they immediately wipe the machine to hide the tampering. It’s not a conflict of interest to have them maintained by Democrat union members is it?

Why is it that every case seems to be a matter of the machine being “calibrated” to make all the votes Democratic ones? Why is it never “accidentally” voting for Republicans?

I miss the old fashioned “manual” lever operated voting machines.

They were “old” but also 99.99% reliable (literally, they were), “unhackable” and very hard to tamper with period. They lasted for DECADES too. The argument “we couldn’t find spare parts for them so had to spend billions of dollars to replace them” is bull.

You REALLY couldn’t find anyone to make a handful of metal parts and springs? It was REALLY more cost effective to spend billions on unreliable, hackable, and breakable electronic machines than to spend a few dollars a piece on the old machines?

They’re “foolproof” and “safe” eh?

Wow, one minute to hack? Well I feel MUCH better now.

You can even play Pac Man on them.



3 thoughts on “There is no Voter Fraud…. but plenty of “Calibration Errors” all over the place

  1. Nope. No fraud here. Just some faulty screen sensor things. I’m sure if we spent a few hundred million and studied it for about 3 years we could figure out what really happened.


  2. Pat Russell says:

    Anything electronic can & will be hacked, either for the fun or personal gain.


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