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  1. Soda Pop Cola?

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    November 23, 2014 by JImbo

    Which is it folks? This is your chance to vote. What do you call a carbonated flavored soft drink that …
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  2. Taylor-Made Publicity


    November 19, 2014 by JImbo

    I don’t get it. What’s the deal with all the Taylor Swift coverage? It’s almost TOO perfectly timed and presented …
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  3. Go Gay or Go Away?


    October 29, 2014 by JImbo

      Writer who calledĀ for a new “anti gay” Confederacy is fired by newspaper And he wants to call it “United …
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  4. Pop or Soda?


    September 22, 2014 by JImbo

    What is it where you live? It’s not as clear cut as this map though. I’ve found that even within …
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