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  1. Kung Fury- Relive the Awesome that was the 1980s Action Movie

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    May 31, 2015 by JImbo

    Kung Fu? Hitler? Dinosaurs? A foul mouthed robot who shoots lasers when it flips you off? A valkyrie?That fights Nazis …
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  2. T-Rex LIVES! (sorta)


    April 5, 2015 by JImbo

      Scientists Recover T-Rex Soft Tissue Damn you science! You had assured me that there was NO WAY POSSIBLE that …
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  3. Cuomosaurus Rex


    November 10, 2014 by JImbo

    We tried warning people… don’t trust Republicans any farther than you can throw a Democrat… Governor Cuomo Had Secret Deal …
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  4. Toondoo Cartoon 10-3-14

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    October 3, 2014 by JImbo

    “Toondoo” Cartoon Archive is HERE