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  1. Pro-Hitler Propaganda Circulating Again on the Web


    March 9, 2015 by JImbo

    12 Things You Were Not Told About Hitler I shouldn’t have to say that I think this article is garbage. …
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  2. Israel: The World’s Worst Bully


    January 8, 2015 by JImbo

    Why all the hate against Israel? First, let’s dispel that whole “Israel is an aggressor stealing everyone’s territory” thing. If …
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  3. We Need to Arm The Syrian Rebel Immediately (Satire)


    October 11, 2014 by JImbo

    Yes, singular. (see attached memo below courtesy of wwwFunnyordie.com) URGENT FROM THE DESK OF CIA DIRECTOR JOHN O. BRENNAN FOR …
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  4. Is the North Korean Leader Sleeping With the Dolphins?


    October 4, 2014 by JImbo

    Was The Leader of North Korea Overthrown in a Coup? Okay, I gotta stop right there. I’ll be honest. The …
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