Big Shoes to Fill

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February 9, 2018 by JImbo

Lets say I have never seen Bigfoot.

You claim you did see Bigfoot one time.

Who has to prove whether Bigfoot exists or not?

You do.

The burden of proof is not on me to prove I have continuously NOT seen Bigfoot my entire life. That would be silly.

You as the one making the unusual claim have to prove it happened the one time.

I know this sort of logical argument is supposedly “racist” now. We should all be enlightened enough to be dunking witches in the pond and dueling with swords again. That would be REAL justice.

But, this is the system of law we have. It has worked since the times of the Greeks…when humanity has seen fit yo use it. Evidence is required first by the accuser, THEN the defender. Not the other way around.

Feel free to apply this in any walk of life, not just court cases. Did one friend cheat on another? Where is the proof?

Is your wife cheating on her diet? You BETTER have proof first!

Nowhere is this better shown than in the whole Trump/Russia “Collusion” debacle.

The claims made arent backed by facts. In fact they arent even backed by details leading to facts. There isnt just no evidence of “collusion” between Trump and Putin. There isnt even a NAME of WHO on the team is supposedly the ones physically talking yo the “Russian agents.”

Take for example Carter Page the “spy mastermind”…until it turns out he has never TALKED to Donald Trump or Putin. How are you the conspiracy mastermind between two people you have never talked to?

As relieved as I would be if Trump wrre impeached, I cannot break the rules of logic or ethics to get there. He is innocent until Mueller PROVES a crime.

The burden is not on the Trump camp to defend themselves from accusations. It is only their job to defend their case against EVIDENCE against them. Despite several “bombshell” stories a day, I have yet to see a shred of actual evidence.

Just claims on top of innuendo on top of unfounded assumptions. Thats not a criminal investigation. That is quite literally how a witch hunt works.

Evidence? Pffffft. Who needs that?

Ya see we dunk the witch and if she dont drown…she’s a witch! So we burn her at the stake.

If she dont drown…then she’s a really bad witch who didnt learn to breathe underwater. Either way problem solved. We killed the witch!

Oh no, she cant be innocent. Everyone in town says she is too creepy and witch like to not be a witch. We took a vote and its agreed. Shes a witch alright. All hail Democracy, right?

Were way beyond your racist logic, evidence and individual rights today. These days the mob decides what is right and wrong. Facts dont matter.

After all, facts are obsolete to a Democratic Socialist! The only difference is that today the mob has iphones instead of torches and pitchforks.

In the post factual world its great because youre not limited by reality. So we dont have to prove Bigfoot exists. He does unlesd you can prove he doesnt. Since I feel like he should…he does. How awesome is that?

And now I feel like you should pay more taxes so I can go buy Bigfoot some nice orthopedic shoes. Theyre expensive too what with his big feet and fallen arches. Poor guy.

Pay up, you Yeti denying hatemonger!


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