Immigration Reform Fights Racism


January 15, 2018 by JImbo

Think of this quote…. and now thing of the current way much of the “immigrant lottery” system works. You don’t bring in people by the “content of their character.” You get a quota for a set number of “Africans” or “Muslims” or “Refugees from Syria.”

Which of those labels judges the CONTENT OF CHARACTER?

Being “African” says nothing about you as an individual.

Neither does being a “Muslim” or a “Syrian Refugee.”

The “immigration reform” being asked for by Trump and many Americans is simple… realize Martin Luther King’s dream and LOOK at each individual applying to come into this country based on their INDIVIDUAL MERIT.

What is more racist?

Asking for “10,000 more Africans?”

Or asking for “10,000 more doctors and engineers?”

I don’t want us to bring in “another African guy”…. I want to know WHO that person is!

America is like a club or a company. Do you really hire people or accept people into your club based on their skin color?

“Let’s hire Juan to be our new mechanic. I dunno if he can fix a car, but he’s Mexican so that’s good for our diversity quota.”

It may be EASIER to just flip coins and randomly pick people based on geographic location or skin color, but it’s RACIST AS HELL! I can’t believe that the “race sensitive” Democrats in particular can’t see this. Is it truly being blind to logic and reason… or do they CHOOSE not to see it?

The only argument I’ve heard that’s semi-coherent on this from the Democrats (and the RINOs) is that “Well then those uneducated people won’t get in!” Sorry, but that’s not my problem. MOST countries in the world don’t let in lots of people with no skills. You have to prove you can make a living and not be a burden on your neighbors.

You can get a sponsor to take care of you.

You can show you have job skills.

You can have money in the bank to live on.

Other than that…. WHY do we have to bring in people who don’t ADD anything to the country? Sound mean? Well, then if you think so then YOU can personally sponsor an immigrant in YOUR house for a few years. Think you’d be picky then if they lived with YOUR family? Would you ask a few questions maybe?

And yes the usual argument of “Well there are a few people in those shit hole countries that are really good people!” Okay…then those “really good people” will have that show up on their resume now won’t they? Posting a picture of a DOCTOR or an ENGINEER ni an African country just proves my point. A doctor or an engineer would be let in based on job skills.

It’s a form of “soft” racism to have lower expectations based on skin color. Assuming that some people of certain skin colors or geographic locations just can’t make it and need special rules is SUPER RACIST. It’s just as bad as affirmative action on colleges. If you really think people are EQUAL, then they should be judges EQUALLY on the SAME MEASURES.

If you get into college based on SATs and High School record…then EVERYONE should… not everyone…. unless you fit into an approved victim group.

That is my problem with feminism. It’s not about equality. They force INEQUALITY on people. They assume that women can’t be equal to men so need “help.” Feminism is redundant. If your definition of feminism is “equal rights for men and women”…that’s…. equality. You don’t need to qualify it. Saying “everyone” includes both men and women.

That’s like having a sign out front of your business saying “Everyone is welcome… even black people.” What the hell are people supposed to think when you single people out? Why not leave it as “everyone?” Why specify?

The same is true of “hate crimes.” If it’s a crime to commit a crime…then it’s already a crime for EVERYONE. It’s not legal to murder black people or gay people. STILL ILLEGAL.

So why do you need extra penalties to “deter people” from doing it? There’s no special rise in gay people being killed. If anything there’s a HUGE number of black folks getting killed in the cities, but you don’t have “black guy in Chicago” hate laws do you?

(Then again, since it’s black guys in Chicago committing the crimes against their neighbors….that would be awkward. Can a gay guy be convicted of a hate crime vs another gay guy?)

My point is the same for ALL of these cases. If you treat people as EQUAL INDIVIDUALS, then it can’t be racist or sexist or whatever. It is by definition equality. To NOT do things this way is the very definition of racism/sexism/etc.


And to tie it all back to the same old thread in most of my posts… it all comes back to philosophy in the end. You are either an Authoritarian or a Libertarian. The Left/Right and whatever else is secondary. At heart you have to be towards one side of the scale or the other.

On the Authoritarian side, you believe in the authority of the group. You crave the label and membership of a group. The individual has NO rights outside of a group. The value of the individual is determined by the group.

On the Libertarian side, you believe in the individual being the most important part of a society. The individual has the choice to join (or not join) a group. The group is simply there for convenience. The value of the group is determined by the individual.

Choosing who gets to immigrate by group identity is Authoritarian. That’s why it resembles the policies of other Authoritarian powers in history.

Choosing people by their personal merit is Libertarian. That’s why it is how many “free” countries do it and the way the Founding Fathers of our country meant it to work.








One thought on “Immigration Reform Fights Racism

  1. Anonymous says:

    Most developed countries want merit based immigration. What can you add not take to this country.


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