Flirting Gets a Cold Shoulder from Feminists

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December 27, 2017 by JImbo

The latest fad seems to be attacking all the classics as “rapey”, “creepy” and “predatory.”

For example, the holiday staple “Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Women are always the victim. They are never treated as equal partners willing to say YES as well as NO.

However, isn’t feminism about EQUALITY? After all, some girls aren’t all that shy. Some guys are. In “Baby it’s Cold Outside” there are no threats or restraint. The “aggressor” is just a guy who wants her to stay, and she is far from reluctant. She’s more worried about “what the neighbors will think” than her actual virtue.

The observation isn’t NEW either. We always seem to think that THIS generation thought of everything, but no even at the time it was teasingly joked about.

Both male and female “predators” are in the same movie “Neptune’s Daughter” (1949):

She’s actually quite a bit MORE aggressive of the two! =-)

Is it “cute” when a woman is pursuing the man? Why is that less “creepy” or “rapey?”

Or are we being conditioned to treat one sex as DIFFERENT from another?

More privileged or aggressive perhaps?

So then does “feminist” not mean equal at all?

Are the sexes very different?

Can different still be equal?

Maybe it’s just two sides of the same coin.

What do you think?

Did any of them definitely say “yes” or “no?”

Would any of it hold up in court? =-)


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