Treason in the War on Drugs


December 20, 2017 by JImbo

Everything nefarious in Washington keeps wrapping back around and entangling together. Its like a pit of vipers wriggling over one another hiding fangs in darkness.

This week there was news that the Obama Administration stopped DEA investigations into terrorist group Hezbollah drug smuggling into the United States. This was done to make Iran happy since Hezbollah is essentially run by the Iranian government. Obama wanted a nuclear deal with Iran and any action to upset them might “rock the boat.”

It was bad enough that our prrvious administration willingly allowed thousands of tons of drugs be sold on US streets to funnel that money back to terrorists. Now, it appears that this corruption goes even deeper. As part of its plans to “launder” the drug money and get it back to Iran, Hezbollah used car dealerships in the United States.

Guess who owned two of them?

Irwan Awan…the guy arrested at the airport this year who had access to the emails of Democrat Congressmen. He had access to the Democrat server the Russians DIDNT hack. He made millions on bribes of Congressmen not to release their secret emails. And now we find he was working with Hezbollah terrorists.

It seems he was working with Hezbollah in drug money laundering. Its tough to say “with” or “for” since Hezbollah is a criminal and terrorist group. However, at the  very least he was making lots of money making ilillegal transactions and smuggling shipments for them.  Maybe more. They still cant find many files downloaded ftom Congress top secret sources.

Now it makes sense why the Pakistani intelligence services in his home country are holding his family. Pakistan works closely with Iran and has a large Hezbollah presence there. Was he under duress, or did he offer to become a spy as well as a smuggler and money bundler?

Yet despite KNOWING about this, the Obama Administration stonewalled investigators with the DEA,FBI and CIA. They blocked attempts to research or interview witnesses.

It is only NOW that Obama is out of office that Irwan was arrested and the Hezbollah drug smuggling/Congressional spying ring investigated.

While people throw around the word “Treason” with Trump, they fail to see ACTUAL possible treason here.

Treason is “directly aiding the enemies of the state in time if conflict.” The only debatable part is if we are “at war with” Hezbollah. We are bombing them in Syria and Yemen where they are fighting for Iran.

So while we arent at war with Iran directly, we are at war with Hezbollah elements which are funded amd directed by Iran.

If we can be at war with Al Qaeda and ISIS (who dont have countries) then we can be at war with Hezbollah.

So…DID the Obama Administration commit treason? You can make a comvincing case for it. They will argue it was the “greater good” to “get a nuclear deal eith Iran.” I doubt anyone will get prison time at the top. I doubt we eill ever know the FULL classified story either. And yes, the President CAN decide which cases the Justice Dept pursues.

However, simply because a president CAN make a decision doesnt make it right. It doesnt make it always legal either if it violates another law. If he made the choice to let terrorists, spies and drug dealers operate un this country to please Iran thay is a HUGE story that MUST be investigated to the end.


One thought on “Treason in the War on Drugs

  1. Anonymous says:

    How could the Standard Bearer for the left & his predecessor be involved? Shameful.Wink Wink!


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