Party Trumps Principal in Calls for Franken to Resign


December 6, 2017 by JImbo

Al Franken Told to Resign by Senate Democrats

I don’t think Senator Franken should resign. He should be voted for being a terrible Senator. However, he shouldn’t leave for unproven accusations and a lack of an actual crime.He should be removed only by a criminal indictment…or the will of the people that elected him. That’s how our system works.
If they believe he harmed any women, those women should press charges.
In court.
With evidence.
Otherwise, stop with the political theatre.
This is an educational moment however. By contrasting what Franken (and Conyers) do compared to Moore (or even Trump) we can see the difference between a Libertarian and an Authoritarian.
I believe Al Franken WILL in fact resign, because that’s what Authoritarians do. They obey orders.
As I’ve said before, a Libertarian is someone who values the Individual. An Authoritarian is someone who values the authority of the Group in whatever form it takes (government, church, political party, racial group, etc)
In this case, a Libertarian will evaluate each case on its own merits, judging an individual AS an individual. You as an individual voter/citizen evaluate an individual politician held accountable. It’s personal decision who you support or do not and IF you believe them.
Roy Moore says he didn’t do it. He refuses to obey the Republican party and roll over. Many voters respect that standing up to the authority. It also scares the hell out of Washington insiders.
In the case of an Authoritarian, loyalty and obedience are of utmost importance. The actual facts or value of the individual mean nothing without relevance to the group. People are expendable, as are principles and even reality. The only concern is what is “good for the group.”
The Democrats I’m guessing are hoping to sacrifice a couple liabilities in a gamble for the “greater good.” They can’t afford to lose the one arrow in their quiver against the Republicans (and especially Trump) at this point. They NEED a win as their followers’ morale is down and political donations are anemic.
A few school board victories didn’t do it last month. The base wants blood, even if it’s their own. So, they are hoping beyond hope that they win in Alabama.
To take out Roy Moore they NEED to convince people that “Washington party insiders” have moral authority. The big reason Roy More defeated his “chosen GOP challenger” in the primary and is still 6 points ahead of his Democrat opponent in polls is that he STILL represents the “moral choice.”
People are judging the man’s past (proven or not) as less bad than the corruption and scandal rocking Washington every day. They see Roy Moore as STILL a better person than anyone chosen by Washington elites.
The Democrats are hoping that muddying the water more and saying “no, look we changed our ways! We’re cleaning up the swamp!” will get people to vote for the Democrat Doug Jones and NOT Roy Moore (who is a libertarian tea party favorite.)
It’s a huge gamble. Throwing in the towel on a couple Congressmen is big stakes, but they need momentum and moral high ground for 2016. So far the voters have NOT been kind to Washington insiders or Democrats in particular.
This win is crucial to starting a trend of Democrats “retaking Congress.” If that narrative fails, they could LOSE seats in the Senate and House. Historically the party who LOSES all three parts of government (President, Congress an Supreme Court majority) tend to win them back in the next election. This time though…. people are REALLY pissed off.
Roy Moore (and Trump) aren’t seen as Republicans, but as “outsiders.” Their credentials are more about what they are NOT than what they ARE. They aren’t “the same thing over and over.”
That’s what scares the Washington Insiders in both parties. The Republicans have tried to scare Moore into resigning. No dice. He is a libertarian and they are expecting him to obey like a good little Republican.
So, the Democrats are trying their hand. Neither party can afford to have more “loose cannons” that are disobedient and won’t follow the party line. They need to stop this populist push for “outsiders” to shake up their little cabal in Washington.
The bigger goal is still Donald Trump. They want to have “clean hands” to make the accusations against Trump stick. Another Senate seat would be nice, but they REALLY want to impeach Trump. To do that, they need to make it seem “normal” for politicians to simply resign at the first mention of a potential “scandal” without a shred of evidence.
It’s a huge gamble. The mania over “sexual abuse” is rampant in Washington (and the media that feeds on the political drama like parasites) but outside of Washington… not so much. Most people don’t really seem to buy the sudden fit of conscience. They simply don’t believe that the elites have “seen the light.”
Will the gamble work? Will shedding a couple inconvenient Congressmen get them a Senate seat or impeach a President? Who knows? Impeachment after all IS a political game and not based on any crime. It only takes votes in Congress. It’s a simple popularity contest entirely detached from reality.
Ultimately what they do on Trump “impeachment” will hinge on getting disgruntled Republican Authoritarians to join their Democrat Authoritarian brethren and try to vote themselves a coup. Are they still afraid enough of the American voters to avoid that? If they guess wrong and the people DON’T want Trump impeached then it’ll be HELL for whoever opposes Trump in Congress. It could be a bloodbath in 2018 or 2020….for BOTH parties. That’s precisely what they hope to avoid.
It’s an interesting time to be alive. The Washington political animal with two heads is backed into a corner and lashing out. Will it bite the hands that feed it?

One thought on “Party Trumps Principal in Calls for Franken to Resign

  1. Anonymous says:

    The progressives have begun to eat themselves.


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