A Nation of Rich White Women


October 28, 2017 by JImbo

We’re often told our country was founded by “Old Rich White Men”, and that’s technically true. Most of our Founders were in fact rich, white men. They were older than average.

However, that’s been true in virtually every society. Part of it makes sense.

While the “male” part is arguable, the old and rich part isn’t. It’s ALWAYS the older and wealthier who rule successful societies.Logically that is hard to argue otherwise.

It’s not the money or the age, it’s the experience. People with more experience make better decisions. They have more wisdom and knowledge. Not ALWAYS the right decisions, but more often than those younger and poorer.

You ask successful people for advice, not those who fail. If someone keeps failing, what can they teach you but failure? They may make an example for you at what NOT to do, but they cannot mentor you in how to succeed.

It’s not wealth that generates success, but success that generates wealth. That only gets more true as time goes on. Our modern society is one of the most dynamic in history and the “rich” and “poor” don’t strictly exist as classes.

Oh there are some people who have more than others, but that’s rarely true across a single person’s entire life, and hardly EVER true across generations. There simply is not generational poverty to the extent there was in any society in the past.

Most people who are “rich” weren’t born rich. It’s literally the 1% of the 1% that experience that “trust fund” stuff. For the 99.99% of us, we won’t stay in one tax bracket our whole lives.

Most of us are born poorer, will get richer, and die with more than we started with. Some extremely rich will die in poverty. Other very poor will earn wealth.

How many lottery winners, celebrities and sports players have blown through millions overnight? The majority of them to be fair.

How many rich people came from dirt poor beginnings? Bill Clinton was born in a trailer park in Arkansas. Who expected him to be president?

That is even more true of the next generation. It’s VERY RARE for a rich person to have rich kids. The number of fantastically rich celebrities who have children on welfare and/or jail is very high. On the other hand, few are poor without exception for several generations. Along the way SOMEONE in the family strikes it rich.

(The exception of course is those on government subsidies. In some states you simply make MORE on welfare than you do getting a job and an education so there is an artificial impetus to NOT get “off the system.”)

In summary, success is possible today in America and it’s more accessible than ever before (scaremongering articles to the contrary.) However, to get old and rich you have to be successful…and that usually means educated. Not necessarily in college, but you have to know how to DO something, and how to THINK positively.

Yes, I know. “But why are the few super rich in charge? Statistically, there are WAY MORE of us poor people than them! Why do THEY have all the power?”

Well, it’s because they vote.

Yeah you heard me right.

They vote.

Most poor folks don’t vote.
It’s free but they don’t bother.

Right there, you can see that about HALF as many poor people proportionately vote.

If you don’t vote, you have no voice.

They ALSO don’t get involved in politics, so no calls to the congressmen, no donating to campaigns, no keeping up on the news.

If you don’t speak then no one will hear you.

Wanna see something else really cool?

Yeah, the uneducated don’t vote either.

Granted this often correlates with the “poor” people above. Those without a 9th grade education tend to not do well in the job market. However, it only goes to show that they go hand in hand. It’s not about the knowledge per se, it’s more about the attitude. If you care to invest your time and money in school, you tend to APPRECIATE the experience of it. If you don’t invest your own time and money in it, then partying for four years just doesn’t help you much later.

So, it doesn’t top out at “college”… but the more active you are in LEARNING and self development, the more you are active in knowing what is going on in the world…. and by extension you care about politics and the direction of the country. (Ever wonder why all those TV shows only focus on main characters like ship captains and bosses? They are the ones that get things done and make a difference. The janitor on the USS Enterprise might be a cool guy to hang out with, but he has little impact on most things.)

Which brings me to the next category…race. Why are so many of the main characters white? Why are so many in government white? Well, White folks are the biggest racial group… and the most active in public life. If you don’t run for office… you don’t get elected. Same reason the majority of the NBA is black. White folks just don’t choose to play as much basketball. It’s not racist, just a matter of choice. Same with hockey or NASCAR. There’s no racial reason a black dude couldn’t drive a car in a circle or chase a puck around with a stick. They just don’t choose to.

And then there’s this gem.

Oh wait..what’s this?

WOMEN are most of the voters?


Huh, now what gives one cause for pause.

Although again, to be fair being old means you have had time to stockpile savings so the older people DO tend to be more educated and richer than the younger. They go hand in hand.

So let’s summarize… the people who vote most reliably and most often are:





-Women (men aren’t far behind)


So this all begs the question… how did Hillary Clinton not win?

She’s EXACTLY the old, educated rich white woman that is voting right?

Well…. sorta.

There are a few other elements at play.

First of all, Democrats tend to not vote as often. Only votes matter.

Without the votes, you lose.

Second, more Democrats are concentrated in urban areas. Essentially they “waste votes” in urban areas, because you only need 51% to win. If you win at 65% or 80%, it doesn’t matter. You still win that ONE election. It’s simply overkill.

You are better off contesting multiple races, closer in more areas. However, the concentration of the Democrat base in those few cities makes it hard to compete across a larger area.

While we’re here, let’s just debunk the “Electoral College” myth while we’re at it. The “Electoral College” is in theory just the SAME representation you have as in the Congress. You get one vote for each person in Congress. So if the “Electoral College” system isn’t representative…then neither is Congress…meaning by extension a large chunk of the US Constitution. It’s created that way for a reason. Look it up.

Anyway…. in the bigger picture (beyond the Trump vs Clinton fiasco), the REAL impact isn’t on the Presidential race, as the President doesn’t do much. He can sign or veto stuff but it’s CONGRESS that makes the laws and releases money to pay for things. Without Congress, nothing gets done.

However, most Americans don’t vote in Congressional mid-term elections. They ONLY vote for President. We learned long ago in the military that the Commander doesn’t pay you. The Personnel clerk does. Those who control the money control everything.

The trends towards who votes in elections only INTENSIFIES in mid-term elections. The old, rich, educated white (Republican) women who voted for President ALSO vote again in the mid-terms, while many of the young, poor, uneducated hispanic (Democrat) men don’t. This means the same people have even MORE power to influence Congress…where ACTUAL decisions are made.

So what does this all mean?

It’s really as simple as that. You are given the option repeatedly (elections just about every year on something in most places) and if you don’t use it, you lose it. It’s like going to the gym. You have a free membership but it doesn’t use itself. If you don’t go, then it does you no good.

Instead of whining about “influence”, why not just realize that millions of more people ACTUALLY VOTING is more important than actual money. Donald Trump for all his (many many) failings proved that yet again.


Money doesn’t guarantee a win. Actual turnout does. People pulled the lever (or pushed the button or scribbled in a dot or whatever) for Trump. He won. That’s what mattered.

That’s even MORE true for mid-term elections where there is no presidential race. That’s how the Tea Party got several people into Congress. They turned out the vote when lots of people were sitting home on their hands.

So when people say “what does my vote matter?” Remind them that it DOES, but only if you ACTUALLY VOTE. Potential votes don’t exist. It’s not COULD you vote, but DO you vote. There is no “None of the above.” If you DON’T vote, then the politicians assume you DON’T CARE or APPROVE of them.







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  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting. You go Ladies!


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