All for One, One More Time


October 19, 2017 by JImbo

This sign is again making the rounds of social media.

Before the SJWs attack, no it’s NOT “Whole Foods” as we know it.

But it is A “whole foods” in Australia.

This idea of “all of us are the same” is not new. It’s simply known as “egalitarian.” Everyone is treated the same. However, egalitarian doesn’t necessarily mean free or happy. Prisoners for example are in a strictly egalitarian position, as are slaves.

During the French Revolution over 200 years ago, the revolutionary “Jacobins” made it a law that everyone had to be called “citizen.” There could be no “madam” or “sir” or “kid.” You were only allowed to say “citizen” to one another with no other modifier.

This was done so that “everyone would be treated equally.” However, what happened? Well, the guillotine happened and a LOT of people died for not obeying the draconian laws to MAKE everyone equal.

Call your neighbor “sir?”

That’s wrong to assume his gender.

Off with your head.

Do you work harder than your cousin and make more money than he does?

That’s wrong.

The lazy cousin DESERVES just as much as you do.

Off with your head.

Do you refuse to renounce your religion?

That’s wrong because then some people have God and other don’t.

Can’t have that.

Off with your head.

This worked SO well that the Soviets in Russia did it again about 100 years later.

This time they used the word “Comrade.”

However, everything else pretty much applied as above. They just sometimes sent you to a work camp in Siberia for the rest of your life. They learned in 100 years that killing all your people was counterproductive economically so they just threw them in prisons instead to get a little work out of them before they died of starvation.

Can the Australian “whole foods”… or ANY “whole foods” do this? Sure. It’s their business to sabotage. If they have enough customers who fall for this crap then they can do what they want on their own property.

That’s what the free market is all about. You have a right to run your business as you want. I have the right to choose to go there or not. Then you get to make money from me or not. That’s freedom.

However, California is working on a law to give this ridiculous idea teeth again.

Well I guess it’s about time. It’s been 100 years again. Society tends to return to these dumb ideas over and over. That’s why knowing history is important. Sometimes you can avoid the worst of the repeats. Sometimes society insists on repeating their follies over and over.

The Jacobins were “Communists” before Marx made it cool about 60 years later.





One thought on “All for One, One More Time

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bunch of hooey! Whiney babies. Socialism doesn’t work….Poor business practice to alienate some of your customers.


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