Climate Changers Admit They Exaggerated

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September 19, 2017 by JImbo


They actually said they need MORE MONEY because it’ll be WORSE THAN EVER!!!!

They just can’t find evidence of it… yet… so they need more money and time.

This reminds me of a story they have around here.

We used to have a religious cult around here that had a famous preacher talking about “The End Times Are A’Comin!”

So, at the appointed time all the folks in the local village gathered up on the hilltop to “Meet the Lord and Savior!”

Meanwhile, knowing exactly who wasn’t home a gang of thieves the preacher knew snuck in and robbed them all blind. When the Christians got home all disappointed that it wasn’t the End of the World, they were shocked to find that someone had ransacked their homes.

You shoulda heard those Christians holler!

And that’s how “Christian Holler” got it’s name.

There’s really only three things a cult leader can do after predicting Doomsday.

a) A BAD cult leader lets the deadline pass and everyone is disappointed. The cult usually ends.

b) A REALLY BAD cult leader creates an apocalypse …. and kills everyone. The cult likewise ends.

c) a GOOD cult leader manages to blame someone else for “getting the date wrong” and changes it based on “new revelations” so he can keep milking the congregation for a lot longer.







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