Trump Pardons Sheriff, Judge Shows Contempt for Federal Law

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August 26, 2017 by JImbo

Trump Pardons Sheriff Arpaio

I could be wrong here, but what ACTUALLY happened that is so sinister?

The media seems again to be blowing things out of proportion.

What did Sheriff Arpaio actually DO in the first place?

There are claims that he “racially profiled” Latinos by asking for identification at traffic stops and doing background checks to see if they were illegal aliens.

Is that illegal?

Well, it’s already done for most people when they get stopped. Despite dozens of lawsuits by activists he was never actually charged with a crime. No court could find any law he was breaking by simply having his deputies do lots of traffic stops in his county. The only people arrested were the ones that refused to obey the cops.

So, angry they couldn’t find a crime he committed a judge simply ORDERED him to stop doing them. The judge didn’t really have the authority to do so technically, so the Sheriff ignored the order.

Then the judge threw him in jail for “Criminal Contempt” which translates to “Didn’t obey the judge’s unlawful order.” Since he’s a judge he MUST be obeyed, even if he is talking nonsense.

So the Sheriff was convicted of NOT obeying an ILLEGAL order. Ironically, isn’t that what the Judge was accusing the Sheriff of doing? So it’s okay for the judge to make illegal stuff up but not the Sheriff?

You can’t have it both ways, Judge Bolton. You can’t commit the very crime of which you accuse the Sheriff and expect your decision to be respected. You can’t just order a duly elected official to NOT do their job because you don’t like it.

If you had evidence that what the Sheriff was doing was ILLEGAL, then you should have charged him with a crime. As it is, you slapped him with a minor misdemeanor which is NOT a “crime” by the traditional definition.

A “crime” involves the harming of one person by another. Theft, murder, rape, etc. Those are crimes. Those are FELONIES and hence crimes.

“Failing to obey a judge” is not. It’s a minor misdemeanor. Although it’s labeled “Criminal Contempt” it is NOT in fact a “criminal” charge. It is an administrative penalty.

President Trump is also well within his power to pardon Sheriff Arpaio. It’s right in the Constitution that he clearly can do that. The reason is for this EXACT reason. It is a check on judicial power.

As much as I don’t LIKE the guy. He was in the bottom third of candidates in my book. However, I have to respect that Trump is the most CONSTITUTIONAL president we’ve had in the past 20 years. Whine all you want about his “attitude” or his “lack of progress”, but I’m most concerned about him doing his job as President, within the rules… not “getting stuff done by any means necessary.”

In fact, if he WANTED to he could as the head of the Executive branch order an investigation into this Federal judge. She’s technically on his payroll (since the Attorney General works for him and she works for the Attorney General) So, Trump probably should have someone take a look into this judge.

Is it true this judge REFUSED to enforce Federal immigration law? My my my. That’s very unfortunate. So in other words (again) the judge is doing the same thing that the Sheriff did…. refusing to obey a lawful order.

Will we be seeing Judge Bolton in jail anytime soon? How about EVERY Federal employee who refuses to enforce Federal laws? Fair is fair right?

Why is it the people that demand we “obey them or else”… always seem to have a problem obeying orders themselves? This isn’t just contempt of court, however. This is contempt for the COUNTRY.

I’m not so sure Trump would pardon someone for that.







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