Thought of the Day: “Red vs Blue” 7-14-17


July 14, 2017 by JImbo

Ever get the feeling that the news has become one big Civil War re-enactment?

It so staged.

A bunch of guys line up on either side, point empty muskets at one another and keep shooting till the air’s so dirty you choke on the smoke and can’t see a thing.

Both sides claim  they “scored critical hits.”

Then they run at one another and pretend to beat on one another for awhile.

Then they stop, have lunch and go back at it in the afternoon.

When all the powder is spent and the crowd is done with their “oohs” and “aahs”, the two sides get together for a drink and brag about how they “kicked the other side’s ass.”


Every day there is a new “smoking gun/bombshell revelation!”



Sometimes it’s a dud.

Sometimes it’s a puff of smoke.



Two years of Clinton investigations… nada.

18 months of Trump investigations… nada.

Never leads to anything except entertainment.

I’m all for entertainment.

I’m all for historical education.

It just doesn’t belong in the “news” section.

Besides, this whole “Red team vs Blue team” thing leaves those of us who aren’t Democrats or Republicans on the sidelines.

Sometimes we want to have some fun and look silly too!




One thought on “Thought of the Day: “Red vs Blue” 7-14-17

  1. Anonymous says:

    Civil War re-enactments are neat. Have been to them. Our political one is anything but fun.


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