Life Lesson 7-5-17

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July 4, 2017 by JImbo

I was stuck in traffic the other day when the sun glinted on something, catching my attention. It was a half deflated silver balloon with “Happy Birthday” barely readable on it. As it slowly floated down the highway, the pink ribbon just barely cleared the ground. It continued on as I watched, slowly drifting parallel to the highway. It began to angle towards a tall stand of trees. Unconcerned, it continued to slowly get closer and closer with no change in speed or course. Several people had now seen the balloon and were watching it keenly. The woman beside me said “Oh no! Its gonna get caught in those trees!”

The balloon kept drifting on undaunted. Then just before the trees it began to rise. Just a bit at first, then higher and higher. Up it soared past twenty, thirty…sixty feet and more. When it reached the top, it gently drifted over the trees with ease and then back down the other side. In moments it was back at ground level and last seen skimming the bank of the Erie Canal without a care in the world.
We all have times in our life where we think we cant make it and there is no hope. If a beat up, deflated balloon can do it we surely can. Just don’t worry so much!

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