Back to the Future


June 25, 2017 by JImbo

We have a lot of Amish folks around here. Whereas only 1 in 1,000 people in the country is Amish, it’s at least ten times that here in this county. They aren’t “plugged in”, but they are quite active. As such, you get a bit of a different perspective on things.

I see Amish people at the hospital and it makes me wonder.

So, I ask.

And, I do a little research.

Then it hits me.

The Amish don’t use health insurance.

They have no CLUE what we are so riled up about with “Obamacare” or “Trumpcare.”

Now don’t get me wrong. The Amish keep up to date on things. They are educated to a point and more or less keep up on some current events (depending on the person.)

However, they just aren’t as AFFECTED as we are.

The Amish don’t pay income tax.

They don’t pay Social Security.

They don’t pay FICA.

They don’t pay for Obamacare.

They don’t get paychecks usually (except outside contracting jobs)

They also don’t get Medicaid, Foodstamps, Social Security, Disability,etc.

So… why aren’t they DEAD?

We are TERRIFIED into thinking you NEED all of these things from the government or humanity will cease to exist! At the very least, it will be a society of guttersnipe children begging in coal-soot blackened London begging for just a bit more gruel.

However, that’s not the case. The Amish seem to be quite happy in their own way. It’s not the exact lifestyle I’d choose. I happen to like running water, electricity and music. However, they surely aren’t dying in droves either.

The Amish population is growing faster than the US national average. In fact, much faster. The US average is only .75% per year. The world average is 1.1% per year. The Amish are growing at 2.6%. If they were a country, they would be the 35th fastest growing country in the world.

To top it off, their quality of life is high. They aren’t living in squalor by their standards. The Amish have food to eat and live in well maintained and spacious conditions.

Finally, they have a life expectancy into their 70s. They have lower cancer rates. They have very low obesity rates. In the Amish it is around 4%. In the greater United States it is over 30%.

The Amish don’t use much health care. They don’t get sick often. They both live spread out and live healthy. The average person walks 14-18,000 steps a day when anything over 10,000 is labeled “extremely active” for most people.

When they do get sick, they treat it at first at home as going to the doctor is a hassle and expensive. They then SHARE the bill when it comes.

in theory, this sounds like what MANY of us can agree on. We all SAY that we believe in healthy living and preventive care. We all SAY that obesity is bad for us. We all SAY that we should help one another out.

However, the difference lies in HOW that happens. The “Left” says it’s just the Church being like the government. Yes, to the Amish, the Church is the center of the community. They give to the church, and the church distributes (some) to other families based on need.

However, it goes beyond that. They still CHOOSE to go to church. The church doesn’t tax people, but asks for what you choose to give. It isn’t mandatory.

On top of this, the community comes together as neighbors. Most people are related to or know one another. The communities are relatively small and they really DO get to know their neighbors.

They are really just living the EXACT same way our Founding Fathers did. They emigrated to this country in the 18th century, when they weren’t known for their “backwards technology” but because of their religious beliefs. At the time the Amish were just another group of immigrants the same as everyone else!

Anyway, as a member of a community, the neighbors often come together to fund MOST of the health care bills.

Just as we run our local volunteer Fire Dept through fundraisers, they do the same thing. Bake sales, auctions, community dinners… same idea. The community pitches in to help their own.

This should be something that we can ALL embrace isn’t it?

The Left says we need to “buy locally” and “eat organic” to support local communities.

The Right says we need to be about local community and morality.

The Libertarians say we need to focus on the local community to solve problems voluntarily.

In fact, there already IS a plan in Congress to pretty much do this. The Rand Paul health care plan would make it legal to allow churches, clubs, families, basically ANY group set up its own health care plan. It doesn’t have to be “insurance” either. It could be a sharing plan like the Amish have.

Much of the cost is for elderly people too, but the Amish take up the burden of caring for the elderly by simply keeping them in the home and involved in family life. We expect old people to move out and “do their own thing.” This drives the expectation that Social Security should be a “living wage.”

The reality is that Social Security was meant to just supplement an elderly person living in the childrens’ home. It was never intended to be able to fund an entirely new home, vacations and an active retirement.

The Amish system works only because they live like our ancestors did. Not technologically directly, but in a sense of Community and Family. I know we have a lot of that still out here in the “sticks”, but folks in the city think it’s plain impossible to live without mandatory government everything.

Yet, at the same time the very things they are preaching are “good” for us the “backwards Amish” have been doing for centuries. I don’t see why we couldn’t have indoor plumbing AND strong families. We can have access to the Internet, but still talk to our neighbors right?

One thought on “Back to the Future

  1. Anonymous says:

    They have a strong work ethic & do it ourselves! Mostly agrarian & they work hard.


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