To Hack or Not to Hack: Latest Trump “Bombshell” Destroyed by Blast from the Past

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May 27, 2017 by JImbo

“A lie can make it halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its pants.”  -Mark Train

This story is making the rounds among the media and I figured I’d nip it in the bud.

GOP strategist admits he colluded with the Russians

Now it SOUNDS convincing doesn’t it?

Until I recalled THIS story from a year ago.

FBI Director says Guccifer lied about hacking DNC server

See the connection?

The first story from yesterday says that important Republican staffers were “given files hacked by Guccifer 3.0 from the Democratic National Party server.”

The second story (from last year) says that the FBI investigated this Guccifer 3.0 and proved that he did NOT hack the DNC (Democrat National Committee) server. In fact he was never in possession of the files in question.

So…. how did he give these men files he didn’t have?

The source for the 2016 story is the FBI Director himself in sworn testimony before Congress. If he lies, he goes to prison.

The source for yesterday’s story is (again) “anonymous intelligence sources.”

Which of those do you think is a better source of information?

I could go into the piles of evidence to back up the FBI Director’s statement, but that’s all old news. The bottom line is that there’s can’t BE any “follow up” to this false story.

It’s simply impossible as written.

Even if you aren’t a news junkie and didn’t know this story from last year… a simple Google search of “Gucciffer 3.0” brings the result up on the first page referencing this event. It literally takes a few minutes to entirely demolish this garbage if you devote your time to honest, truthful news.

Now COULD there be a kernel of truth there?


However, every thread of this whole “Russian collusion with Trump” thing has fallen apart due to a lack of evidence.

ANY evidence.

Hence the ever changing narrative.

They couldn’t prove Guccifer 3.0 hacked the DNC server, so they blamed Russia.

They couldn’t prove Russia did it, so they blamed Wikileaks.

They couldn’t prove Wikileaks did it, so they said Russia did it and gave it to Wikileaks.

Why can’t they prove anything?

Well, for one they have ZERO evidence.



That’s right.


The FBI has been going on the word of the Democratic Party without a single bit of evidence. The Democratic Party hired a private company that they claim told them that it was Guccifer 3.0.

Then they said it was the Russians.

You get the picture.

The FBI has never had access to ANY evidence proving that it was EVER “hacked into.”

All they have is the word of the Democratic Party (at the time Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz)

This is where the Seth Rich connection comes in that the media rushed to hush up and call a “tinfoil hat conspiracy.”

Is it?

Well, we KNOW it’s not this Guccifer guy. The FBI captured his files and interviewed associates. They found no evidence he was ever involved or had the files.

The Russians claim it wasn’t them.We have no evidence it was.

Wikileaks says it wasn’t them. Julian Assange from Wikileaks in fact says he got them from a source close to the DNC. While he won’t name names, Wikileaks DID put out a $20,000 reward for Seth Rich’s murderer and said he made a “noble sacrifice.” It looks like they also hired the private investigator in the story from last week on the Seth Rich case.

So, in other words they are saying they got the files from Seth Rich.

Who is Seth Rich? He was a Democratic operative with access to the DNC server and an axe to grind. The very files that came out and “damaged” Hillary Clinton’s campaign described in detail how Hillary Clinton used the corrupt Democrat party to defeat Bernie Sanders. Seth Rich was a die hard Bernie Sanders fan who was vocal in his outrage over this.

Can we prove that Seth Rich did it? Unfortunately, all of Mr. Rich’s computer files were confiscated by the DC Police and FBI… and then promptly disappeared. His odd autopsy was sealed. The investigation was reportedly “put on ice” according to DC cops that the investigator knew.

Now…without DIRECT evidence we can’t PROVE in court that Seth Rich gave the files to Wikileaks. We can’t PROVE that the Democrats just made up the Guccifer/Russia/Wikileaks/Trump conspiracy story to avoid being embarrassed their own agent was the leak. We can’t PROVE that they had him killed to keep him quiet.

However, on the OTHER hand we can’t PROVE there is anything at all to this whole “hacking” conspiracy. We can’t PROVE that a “hack” ever happened. Law enforcement has never SEEN any evidence.

The only source of evidence that Donald Trump or any of the Republicans did anything wrong… comes from their mortal enemies the Democrats…..backed up by zero evidence. It’s repeated often in the media, but that isn’t proof. In fact, that just smells extra fishy if journalists REPEATEDLY report the same false stories based on zero evidence.

Until we get some evidence EITHER WAY, we can’t say WHAT happened beyond that Wikileaks did get the files to publish on the Internet… and Seth Rich is dead. That’s all we know for sure. Everything else is speculation.

However, it is ironic that there is MORE evidence pointing to the Seth Rich connection than there is to the biggest “scandal” that’s supposedly ever happened. The narrative makes more sense.

“Disgruntled staffer steals files to publicize wrongdoing. Whistleblower is killed.”

Otherwise, we have to assume that dozens of people are lying in a global conspiracy for very little actual gain. We would have to believe that the Russians are lying, Guccifer is lying, the FBI is lying, the GOP is lying, the White House is lying, the DC police are lying, and that’s just the major players. We are to believe that dozens if not hundreds of people are willing to go to prison to cover this up… for what? What do ANY of them gain from it? Most of the ones “covering for Trump” don’t even LIKE him! In fact some people like FBI Director Comey would have to be lying BOTH WAYS to make this “hacking” conspiracy narrative work.

Does that make any sense?

Without solid evidence, it’s often best to apply the Occam’s Razor philosophy.

“The simplest solution is the most likely.”











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