Who is Seth Rich? Maybe the key to everything.

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May 16, 2017 by JImbo

Today the “Left” media is chasing after another shiny, worthless bauble called “Trump leaked Classified info to the Russians!”

In a nutshell, the same “anonymous former intelligence officials” that keep leaking everything out of the White House lately seem to have once again struck. They said that while meeting with Russian officials (in a secure room in a top secret meeting) that Trump “shared classified information that will jeopardize national security!”

The truth seems to be that no one in the room can remember anything classified being said. Only anonymous people who weren’t there claim it happened. This on the face of it seems odd unless the Washington Post is now hiring psychics to write their stories.

Or maybe the White House is being bugged as Trump claimed?

Well, they did seem to have immediate access to phone calls with foreign leaders made on top secret phones from an office with no one else but Trump in the room. The quotes from the calls were in large part made up, but had a shred of truth to them which makes me wonder if there isn’t some eavesdropping going on there….

Anyway, the alleged “classified info” wasn’t really classified since what Trump was reporter to have said is public information. He said something to the extent that “we heard from someone in *insert country here* that ISIS was planning on using laptops to get explosives onto airplanes. So, we want to set up a system for us to share that information with you and you can share with us to make our airplanes safer.”

That’s the gist of what was said. Basically things that were in the NY Times and other news sources weeks ago. The difference was that supposedly ISIS can tell by what country it was exactly who our “ally” was and then kill all the spies from that “ally” country that are hiding in ISIS ranks.

Unless he said a specific location or a name, it’s not really classified. As of now it’s not actionable intelligence. ISIS can’t just go around asking people “Are you an Israeli spy? Are you an Israeli spy? Are you an Israeli spy?”

That’s if the comment even happened as reported. So, again the media is chasing a ghost. They are too busy chasing Moby Dick to see anything else.

Now let’s see what is NOT being widely reported.

The Seth Rich story they don’t WANT to see.

Who is Seth Rich? Well, he was a Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer who was killed outside his apartment in Washington DC last year. The crime was suspicious as there was no motive and the investigation has been hushed up by the DC police and FBI.

Why is he important? Well, there has been speculation that since he was a Bernie Sanders supporter and had access to the DNC computers, that HE was the one that leaked the information that Hillary cheated to defeat Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election primary. This for awhile was a big news story.

Why is this important in relation to the ongoing “Russian connection” narrative?

The mainstream media has repeated over and over that those files came from the Russian “hacking” of the DNC server, who then released those files to Wikileaks to post online. A few people said that was unlikely for several reasons.

a) Rich had access to the DNC server.

b) Rich had motive to expose the lies, as his candidate had been cheated.

c) Rich had opportunity to do it in the exact time frame the documents covered.

d) The DNC refused to let the FBI gather any evidence. They didn’t want the FBI in the office. They didn’t want them to LOOK at the computer server. They in fact just “made a report” that the breakin happened and then refused to cooperate with the FBI after that. Kinda odd if you want to find out who did it right?

e) The DNC instead hired an outside computer firm that SAYS they found “evidence of Russian hacking.” Again… no real proof shown. They just said it.

f) The Russians denied it.

g) Wikileaks denied they had any contacts with the Russians.

h) Wikileaks refused to deny that Seth Rich was involved. In several interviews, Julian Assange said they could “neither confirm nor deny” if Rich was working with them as was their standard policy. (Although he later basically admitted it in a later Dutch interview)

i) Wikileaks posted a $20,000 reward for information leading to Rich’s murder being solved.

That’s why this story is interesting. While it provides no SOLID evidence, it does show a reluctance by officials to share ANY information. Julian Assange has even hinted now that Wikileaks was the one that hired the investigator to look into the claims.

If the laptop is there and the FBI was involved, then the Attorney General should easily be able to get access to it to see what is on it. If that is true, and Wikileaks did get their information from Seth Rich and NOT THE RUSSIANS, then this torpedoes pretty much the whole “Russians hacked the election” story. It will evaporate into a puff of smoke.

If it turns out that Wikileaks was getting their Democrat/Clinton info from INSIDE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, then the whole thing is turned on its head. Even if Seth Rich wasn’t murdered, at the very least that would support the idea that the “Russian Hack” story was a way for the DNC to cover their asses. The FBI didn’t SEE any evidence. They were just TOLD by the Democratic Party that the Russians hacked in and stole files. They were TOLD that the private company the Democrats hired found “evidence it was Russia.”

So, if a SINGLE email with Wikileaks is found on Seth Rich’s computer then that’s more evidence than the ENTIRE months-long false Russia/Wikileaks/Trump narrative. I don’t THINK it was planned for the long term. I bet it was just a quick “cover your ass” to hide the fact that there were pissed Bernie Sanders supporters in the DNC willing to leak information to the press. MAYBE it was to hide the murder of Seth Rich. I really don’t know.

However, it does seem pretty clear that if the Wikileaks files DID come from Seth Rich then Russia was not involved. And, if the Russians were never involved then EVERYONE at the Democratic Party there KNEW that no crime had been committed. They must ALL know that they have been lying through their teeth for months just to attack Trump (and cover their own asses.)

I don’t expect them to ever find that laptop. I can’t imagine that it survived the Obama/Trump transition. Anything that dangerous had to be destroyed by the outgoing Administration.

However, I’m gonna bet that Wikileaks has copies of their side of those emails with Seth Rich. Julian Assange has more or less admitted it in interviews. What happens when those come out at a very inconvenient time, obliterating the whole narrative the media has constructed around Trump?

I’d actually LOVE to get beyond this fake garbage and ACTUALLY discuss some serious issues. I’m not a fan of Trump. I really don’t like about half of his policies. He’s been a big government Democrat most of his life.

However, he still deserves a fair shot. Focus on the BIG stuff… the REAL news. Stop with the made up political crap.

While the media continues to lose support in polls, Trump really isn’t. He’s about at the same 40% he has been at. Obama too managed to stay popular with his supporters. People are tired of all the lies and you can’t expose lies…by making up more lies.

They are in danger of being put in the same category as the “Boy who cried wolf.”

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