The Alt-Right is Cuckoo


January 23, 2017 by JImbo

The Alt-Right is Cuckoo

A year ago I had never heard the term “cuck” before. I’d never heard of the “Alt-Right” either. Now I know they’re not new ideas…they are very old.

You see, as human beings we aren’t all that creative when we come up with new ideas. We do however like novelty. We like to recycle the same ideas and slap new names on them to seem “different.”

Some historians believe that human psychology tends to create a natural, roughly 80-year cycle in history. Every generation of rebellious teenagers wants to be different than their parents, but they are limited in ways to do that. So, by the time the 80 year mark rolls around the great grandparents are mostly dead. The lazy great grandkids adopt the old fashioned ideas and think they are discovering something new.

That’s true with the “Alternative-Right” today and their obsession with the word “cuck.” It’s not an offensive word originally. A “cuckold” was simply a man whose wife cheated on him. It references the mating habits of the actual “cuckoo” bird.

About 80 years ago the National Socialists were rising to power in Germany. These “Nazis” weren’t just Nationalists who wanted to preserve the “German/Aryan Nation.” They were also Socialists. This was important.

Nationalism by itself isn’t a bad thing. It simply refers to loving one’s nation. A nation is simply a culture. So, if you love your culture you are a Nationalist.

However, a Socialist in the broadest cultural sense of the word is someone who believes that the Society is more important than the Individual. You as a person BELONG to the State, and have no value outside of that labor you do FOR the State.

When you marry these two together, the State (government) becomes the Nation. The German nation owned the people.  If you disagreed with the State, then you lost all value as a human being.

That is why they found it so easy to oppress minorities like the Jews, Homosexuals and Communists .The Jews weren’t White/German. The Homosexuals weren’t having babies. They had no value to the State, so they were expendable.

The Communists weren’t just useless however. They were a threat to the Nazis. The Nazis and Communists hated one another because they were so alike.

Both groups were Socialists who thought the State was supreme. However, they disagreed on HOW to organize things. The Nationalists (Nazis) thought that the world should be a bunch of independent Nations based on race. The Globalists (Commies) thought that there should be one World Government, where race didn’t matter.

The Commies celebrated the mixing of races to create “one brown, equal worker class.” This drove the Nazis nuts. “Cuck” was the cool term the Nazis used to describe Commies who didn’t agree with their racial organization of government. The new definition was essentially a “race traitor” who wanted to “pollute the races.” If someone says they know the meaning of the term, they are either a racist or they are lying.

In this country the Nazis are now called the “Alternative-Right.” No one really wants to admit they are a Nazi, and we already HAVE our own “American Right” in this country. So, the European “alternative” was imported into this country.

Our country was founded intentionally on a rejection of the concept of Socialism. We believe in the opposite, which is Libertarianism. To put it simply, WE THE PEOPLE own the government. The government does not own us, as it does in Socialism.

While it sounds common sense to us now, that’s not how the world has worked historically. There had always been slaves. There had always been peasants tied to the land. The kings, emperors and priests had always treated the people as property to be owned.

In general a “Right” in a country is based on Nationalism. Our concept of the “Right” in this country is based on personal liberty. Our “Nationalism” isn’t based on a king, country or race. It is based on the ideal that “All men are created equal.” Our leaders and soldiers don’t swear an oath to a King, God or Land. They swear an oath to “Defend the Constitution”….which describes our individual liberty.

The “Alt-Right” and the “Progressives” in this country are just recreating the battles of the 1930s in the streets. The actual reason for the street protests doesn’t matter. The trend of this generation is the power of groups, not the individual…just as it was 80 years ago.

One group has resurrected the term “cuck” to insult their enemies.

The other has brought back “social justice” as an alternative to ACTUAL justice.

Trump appeals to a strong Statism and Nationalism. That fits in perfectly with National Socialism. Clinton appeals to the strong State and Globalism. That fits in perfectly with International Socialism.

Neither of these groups are truly “American” in the traditional sense of favoring individual liberty and human rights. They both agree that the State is supreme. They are just fighting over who gets to control the levers of power.

If you use the term “cuck”, you’re a Nazi or an idiot.

If you use the term “social justice”, you’re a Communist or an idiot.

Either way you’re a Socialist, not an American.

And cuckoo.





One thought on “The Alt-Right is Cuckoo

  1. Anonymous says:

    Paradigm & cuck should both disappear from the lexicon.


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