A Pre-Election Promise

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November 7, 2016 by JImbo

Regardless of who wins the election, we have to remember that we are AMERICANS. We have always been divided on many things. That was true from the very beginning. We are human beings after all.

However, we have to stand TOGETHER or our Republic will fall…WHOEVER is in office. The whole juggernaut of a system is so bloated, unwieldly and filled with corruption that who is President is secondary. We need to once again assume our roles as watchdogs on Federal power.

As such, I propose we all PROMISE that whoever wins on November 8th, we will all still be Americans. As such, we accept that our country was founded on the US Constitution and its inherent principle of individual liberty. You cannot be an American if you do not believe in the very founding document our nation was created with.

No matter who is President, we pledge to hold them accountable for any actions not in keeping with the US Constitution and the premise of Individual Liberty. PRINCIPLES will guide our actions, not party or personality. We pledge to spare no criticism for a party or personality if it conflicts with these American principles.

As stated, if you fail to uphold this promise you are failing to uphold the ideals this country was founded on. Therefore, you forfeit your claim on the descriptor “American.” Using it when you have no faith in the system nor the principles upon which this nation was founded would be yet another lie.

Parties and Personalities fade.

Principles are eternal.

Those who fail to keep our elected representatives accountable to the people are at best guilty of negligence in the face of their solemn duty as citizens. At worst they are part of the problem; they condone the further degradation and corruption of our nation.

Who will join me in making this promise?

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