Couple’s Marriage Improves Thanks to Sex Every Day! (courtesy of IJR)

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September 3, 2016 by JImbo

Woman Who Had Daily Sex with Her Husband for a Year Says It Radically Changed Her Body Image (Independent Judicial Review)


This actually makes sense.

a) Psychologists tell us being physically close and touching improves communication skills.

b) They took the time out to make time for one another every day. That shows commitment to each other.

c) Biologists tell us that sex and attraction release endorphins. It is a reward in itself chemically, as well as psychologically you are linking your partner to a positive daily experience (sex) and not a bad one (the daily morning nagging session, etc)

d) I’m sure getting some extra exercise didn’t hurt physical fitness, and overall health (circulation, cardio, etc)

e) With a close connection to her partner, she was better able to know how he was feeling and he was less likely to cheat or at the least seek support from somewhere/someone else.

So see women? It’s not just guys getting a benefit out of sex. It’s good for the relationship and it’s scientifically supported!





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